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Point & Click ADV Return to Monkey Island Game Play Trailer Release -Pc and Switch compatible

Devolver Digital has released a game play trailer for the point & click ADV Return to Monkey Island . It has also been revealed that it will be released for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch.

This is a classic point & click-style adventure game set in the Caribbean Sea. In 1990, Lucas Film Game’s first work Monkey Island was released as a sequel Monkey Island 2 Le Chuck’s Counterattack as the Monkey Island series. It has been highly evaluated. In Japan, in 1993, Victor Entertainment Monkey Island Ulei Pirate Otaro! ] was released under the title. In this work, Ron Gilbert, who planned the first work, and Lucas Film Games again, a new story and adventure full of surprises and thrills. The player will be a young guybrush that longs for pirates, and will explore the islands full of danger and mystery while unraveling the puzzles. Have a fun conversation with nostalgic friends and new people you meet, and embark on an unknown world voyage.


Return to Monkey Island, a legendary adventure game revived in modern times, will be released in 2022 for PC (Steam)/overseas Nintendo Switch. The specific date and time are unknown at this time. It has been announced that the distribution and translation of the Japanese version will be handled by the Bridge Games.

Cookie Run: Oven Brake ‘Season 7! The era of resurrected dragons! Update

Developed Studio Run (CEO Bae Hyung-wook) of Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. The era of resurrected dragons!

The story of Cookie Run: Oven Brake, which was announced in the Dev Sister’s online showcase ‘Devnau’ in April, will be unveiled in this season 7 update. The new episode of the Escape Mode, Snake Fruit Taste Cookie, will appear for the first time through the new episode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung.

In mid-July, the company will show the most powerful dragon cookie, Yongan Dragon Cookie. After 2019, the dragon and dragon cookies, fine dragon cookies, white lotus dragon cookies, and rich dragon cookies, and the white dragon dragon cookies will appear.

■ Highlights of the Bongsi Story! The final battle in the ‘Brilliant Yongan Imperial Palace’

With this update, the highlight of the Balaur Story Campaign will be unfolded following the seventh chapter of the story mode ‘Brave Cookie Adventure’ in April. The brave cookie group sees the sight of the Rambutan tribe that turns into a stone shortly after escaping from the falling Rich Dragon Court of Rich Dragon Cookie. At this time, the Snake Fruit taste cookie, which was first encountered, noticed the dangerous plans of the dragons and left an adventure to prevent it.

The brave cookie journey is held through a new episode of the newly opened escape mode, Brilliant Yongan Hwanggung,. Starting with the Call Rich Dragon Cookie, the story of the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Yongan Cookies, where the Yongan Hwang Palace and the Bongsi cookies live, to the last battle at Yongan Imperial Palace. A total of eight stages will be followed by 10 kinds of cookies, and you can meet all kinds of dragon cookies that have emerged so far on the new map.

In addition, ‘EASY mode’ will be added to the escape mode. The EASY mode has a small number of runners and the difficulty of the map is easier than the existing flock. In addition, the EASY mode is also applied to the Escape Random Challenge, which runs with randomly determined combinations such as cookies, pets, and treasures. This season’s random challenge will be played against the cities of the wizards.

■ Season 7 The first new cookie ‘Snake Fruit Taste Cookie’ and Pair Pet ‘Scaly Fan’ added

Along with Season 7, Snake Fruit Taste Cookies are new. Snake Fruit Taste Cookie was a dragon, but he couldn’t ascended. On the outside, he is a tactics and faithful pawn who manages snake soldiers for the owner of the Yongan Imperial Palace, but he has a completely different dream in his own oysters. His play is characterized by the ability to destroy obstacles by summoning snake soldiers who throw spears and poison beads.

Snake fruit-flavored cookies are also available for pet pets and scales that are used to hide a meaningful smile. Scaly debt is responsible for destroying obstacles and producing wind jelly.

In addition, you can also find a new treasure ‘Young Dragon Claw’ and the new Legendary Jelly Skin, the Yongano Jelly Skin Set to watch the world.

■ Season 7 Various Event Progress, Crystal & Rainbow Cube pours out!

There are also various reward events for users to play games comfortably and generously. First of all, in commemoration of the season 7 update, ▲ ‘Special attendance’ that can receive a total of 10,000 crystals every day, ▲ ‘Run Mission’, which can receive a total of 15,000 crystals through play regardless of daily mode, ▲ Three daily challenges every day. A ‘Lucky Ticket’ event will be held to obtain up to 10,000 rainbow cubes.

In addition, the new event mode, Ku-chan Club, will begin, with a challenge and defense, and a team-fight mode with a friendly warfare will also be held. In addition, various game elements are waiting for users, including the reorganization of the guild system and the start of the guild game 17.

Cookie Run: For more information on oven brakes, please visit Cookie Run YouTube and Naver Cafe.

How to get a resonant element Destiny 2

The creation of weapons has undergone several changes in Destiny 2. Previously, the guards had to worry about five different resonant elements, since each of them allowed the guards to create various aspects of weapons. At the beginning of the ghost season, all this was simplified up to one resonance element.

What is a resonant element in Destiny 2?

The resonant element comes from weapons with deep resonance. They are easy to recognize by the red frame around the weapon icon in the inventory. Using a weapon in battle or performing actions with equipment, the guards will be resonant and will be able to extract it.

If the weapon is not used actively, several activity is required to finish the execution indicator. Otherwise, using it in easily pharmaceous places, such as lost sectors or places such as Suro, you will quickly complete the weapon. Each extracted resonance element will cost 300, and the guards have a total limit of 10,000.

The resonant element is used in creating weapons both for creating and for changing the shape of weapons. Depending on the selected weapon perk, the cost will be different, so it is recommended to have a resonant element supply.

To learn more about Destiny 2, read the section How to perform Sever-Rage in Destiny 2 in the game guides for professionals.

2022 LCK Summer 2nd week comprehensive, T1 LCKs largest winning streak record

-In the last 25th, Damwon Kia was defeated and written 24 consecutive wins

-2015 SK Telecom T1 set up 23 consecutive wins

-t1, Zenji-DRX tied for first place with 4 victories

T1 set another record in LCK history. He won 24 games in a row, including regular leagues and playoffs, and became the main characters of difficult records.

League of Legends (LOL) League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK), which hosts the Korean professional league of e-sports e-sports, is 2022 at the LCK Arena located in the Grand Seoul Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul from 22nd to 26th. In the second week of the LCK Summer, T1 said it had achieved 24 consecutive wins by defeating the Live Sandbox and Damwon Kia.

2022 T1, 2015 SK Telecom T1

T1, who won two consecutive wins in the opening of the summer, took the opportunity to make a record. The T1, who scored 18 games in the Spring Regular League, won the Guangdong Prix in the second round of the playoffs, and the Split Tradition, which had been unprecedented in LCK, while defeating Zenji in the finals. went.

On the second week, the T1, who faced the Live Sandbox on the 23rd, won 23 consecutive wins by winning 2-0 without any crisis. This is the predecessor of T1, SK Telecom T1, starting with seven consecutive victories in the Spring Regular League in 2015, and shoulders to shoulder with 23 consecutive wins that have been made after 14 consecutive wins after the opening of the summer.

The T1’s opponent who wrote a big record was Damwon Kia. Damwon Kia has been evaluated for its stabilization of power since the company’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent’s opponent, and after recruiting the ‘raccoon’ Jang-gu ticket. In the confrontation with Damwon Kia on the 25th, the T1 hit the cross counter, but won the second half of the concentration and won 24 consecutive wins.

The T1, which broke the record of the predecessor SK Telecom T1 in seven years, was tied for first place in the summer ranking competition.

Zenji-DRX We are also ranked first

Zenji and DRX also ranked first with the T1, continuing four games since the opening of the summer.

Zenji continues to march with an amazing speed. Zenji, who had the shortest game time in the first week, continued to pace when he beat Damwon Kia and Freddit Brion in the second week. In the confrontation with Damwon Kia on the 22nd, Zenji won a two-to-one victory by choosing a unusual champion called Shinjidra by the supporter Rihenz. In the confrontation with Freddd Brion, Ari of ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon and ‘Doran’ Choi Hyun-joon’s Akali played in the first and second sets, winning two sets in 53 minutes in two sets.

Zenji, who won four consecutive wins, was recorded as the shortest team of 10 teams. In this summer, Zenji’s average game time was 29 minutes and 47 seconds, which was less than 4 minutes shorter than 10 teams on average 34 minutes 6 seconds, and it was about 9 minutes different from Nongshim Red Force (38 minutes 17 seconds)..

The DRX, which was in the Spring Regular League semi-finals, is accumulating the multiplier by entering the summer and playing a stable play. On the 24th, the DRX against Hanwha Life E-Sports won a set but won a two-to-one win and won 4 consecutive wins with 2-0 on the 26th.

DRX is on the rise as the mid-liner ‘Jeka’ Kim Gun-woo melted into the team. Kim Gun-woo, who has been evaluated for the Spring’s line-up, is leading the team to win as the playmaking ability is improved. Thanks to the rising team contribution, Kim Gun-woo won 300 POG points and was ranked second in the second place.

‘Peanut’ 300 Win-‘Showmaker’ 2,000 Assists, etc.

In the second week of Summer, significant personal records were also poured out. Zenji won 300 wins (set based on set) in the 6th LCK in the process of defeating Fredhad Brion 2-0 on the 24th, while the mid-liner ‘Chobi’ Jung Ji-hoon recorded 1,300 kills.. Han Wang’s LCK 300 wins are ranked sixth in total, and Jung Ji-hoon became the 12th first 1,300 kill hero.

Although the team lost both matches, Damwon Kia’s mid-liner ‘Showmaker’ scars achieved 2,000 assists in total by adding nine assists in the match against Zenji on the 22nd.

In addition, DRX’s supporter ‘Berry’, Koh Kun-hee, won 200 wins, ‘Dove’ Kim Jae-yeon of ‘Live Sandbox’ Kim Jae-yeon, and T1’s long-distance dealer ‘Kuma Yushi’ Lee Min-hyung and 500 assists.

House Builder: Gameplay Video Clip from Hausbau

From now on you can watch play scenes from house construction simulation in a brand-new video for House Builder.
The House Builder was used the Xbox Series X.

House Builder will be released on June 24, 2022.
A pre-order is presently not feasible using the Microsoft Store.

If you desire to sustain us, then share this video clip, register for the construction simulation YouTube network, leave a thumbs up when you liked the video-and turns on the bell so that you will be notified quickly as soon as a brand-new video clip publishes.

The best units for guarding Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Despite the fact that first of all it is the game Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is more like a game of capturing the enemy than anything else. This means that in addition to the usual Fire Emblem tactics, you will need to apply very specific strategies to your plans: attack, capture, protection and protection. In this leadership, we will recommend some of the best devices for security .

What do the guards do in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes?

Protection is an important aspect of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. This is done by choosing a unit on the map and another goal for its protection. The guard will give priority to the attack of enemy units that attack the target, protecting their health. Characters C High defense and a worthy base attack Characteristics-these are the best units that can be prescribed as someone else’s guard-usually those who are responsible for attacks and captures.

It is also better if the appointed guard uses a weapon to which the protected is weak. For example, grandfather (ax) is the best choice for protecting someone like Felix (sword), which is vulnerable to copies.

The guards can also be healers (with decent magic or attack statistics) you can actively switch in difficult times. Just make sure that they own magic or a specific weapon so that they can provide decent support.

The best units for security in Black Eagles

  • Jeses
  • Edelgard
  • Ferdinand
  • Linhardt

The best units for security in Blue Lions

  • Jeses
  • Dmitry
  • Debt
  • Ash (when built into a knight-onion)
  • Sylven


The best units for security in Golden Deers

  • Jeses
  • Lorenz
  • Ignatz (when inserting into a knight-onion)
  • Marianne
  • Leoni (when inserting into an armored squad or cavalry)

After the fourth chapter, members of ash wolves will also gradually become available for recruitment. Yuri It turns out a worthy guardsman. Gerald can also play this role.

However, also note that you can turn any character into a guard. However, the best of them are usually armored units or healers. In addition, note that the fact that they are guards does not mean that they cannot perform other roles, such as invaders.

To get additional information about Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, get acquainted with some of our other publications here in games for professionals.

Free Fire will be the official sponsor of Club America

GARENA With his popular Battle Royale, Free Fire announcement this Friday, June 24, which will be the new official sponsor of the Club América . This represents an unprecedented alliance, being the first non-sports video game to have such a sponsorship in Mexico.

Free Fire in First Division

The popular mobile video game will not only have a presence in the shirt, but also add collaborative elements inspired by the club inside.

According to Garena, through this unprecedented alliance we seek to continue surprising our players by adding an iconic team to our universe. We are convinced that collaboration with Club América will allow us to get closer to our local community by creating attractive content and experiences beyond the game that will allow them to express more authenticly their style of battle and pFreesion for their favorite team.

Héctor González Iñárritu , Operational President of Club América commented: For us it is a reFreeon for great pride to ally with a leader in the gaming industry such Free Garena through his Battle Royale franchise, Free Fire. We are the first team in Mexico in establishing an innovative sponsorship of this type, with one of the most successful video games at present. Both brands seek to connect more and expand to new consumers, so without a doubt this relationship will be beneficial.

From Azteca to Bermuda Island

Free of August 28, AzulcremFree motifs will leave the court and land in Free Fire with new collaborative elements.

Inspired by the ÁguilFree del América and reinterpreted by the Free Fire team, the representative style of the club wFree sought in a series of Freepects and objects that will allow survivors and fans to take the colors of their favorite team.

Free Fire is a completely free title with micro transactions that is available in iOS through the App Store and on Android through the Google Play store. Free Fire Max is also available in both stores.

How to kill a tableter in RAFT

Despite the fact that RAFT is perceived as a rather peaceful game with its attractions associated with swimming in different islands and the study of some niche cities, it does not free from many enemies and bosses. Like many cruel bosses found on different dirty paths of large islands, screamers are a threat that you will often encounter. In this guide on the raft, we will consider what the tableter is and how to effectively kill it.


how to kill the tablet in RAFT

The tableter appears as a black-red bird, which is described as death from above. This is a bird that clearly does not want to do its own business and wants to catch you with its huge radius of attack. You can meet him in large islands and accidentally stumble upon him. This annoying bird carries a huge boulder between claws and throws it at you to inflict a huge damage to you, which will ultimately kill you.

As soon as this annoying bird aims at you, you will have to follow where it flies and what it does. The tableter usually picks up a boulder after you encounter it. And while he does it, to your happiness, he makes noise. He will pull about three times before, finally, he will catch the stone between the claws, and then fly directly to you to abandon it and inflict damage. Whenever this happens, run, saving your life, or attack this nasty bird.

Firstly, arm yourself with onions and spears to kill the screech and not get hurt. As soon as he approaches you with a stone, shoot right at it from the bow, and then shoot again when he turns out to be right above you. Whenever your blows fall on this bird, a cloud of feathers appears.

Another way to successfully deliver a blow to the scener is to run to a higher place. This will make the bird fly to you, giving you the opportunity to aim and hit it. In addition, use the sprint method when the boulder falls; This will move you to the side, which will facilitate evasion and damage.

In addition, you can also effectively use your spear using it when the tableter is on the ground to choose a st1. Although the chances that this enemy will select a stone next to you, less, you can still take the opportunity to run up to him and attack him.

Something that we recommend doing is to confuse the tableter and move it to a wider landscape to better find the movement of this bird. The presence between the trees can confuse to determine where this bird is located, which can cause you a lot of damage. On the other hand, if you move to another place with fewer obstacles, this bird will follow you and there, which will facilitate your attack.

In addition to the attack strategies, the best way to avoid the attack of the tablet is to hide behind a rock, in caves and inaccessible ledges. In addition, constant movement will also delay the fall of the boulder, which will give you time to deal with your attack strategy. And here it is. Following these strategies will facilitate the struggle with the tablet on the raft, and the constant attacks with onions and spear will ultimately kill.

Old Spice Game Arena: The ace under the sleeve that gives the victory in Legends of Runeterra

The action during Old Spice Game Aren Look for the greatest medals.

Top 20 Old Spice Game Arena 2022

Participate in the Old Spice Game Arena 2022

You can still register at the official competition site: Old Spice Arena and participate in the challenges. Remember that the first place will take an incredible Setup Gamer.

If you already registered you just have to access the challenges section to know what is the next test to overcome, perform the challenge on your computer or mobile device and send evidence on the same website.

This week the challenge is League of Legends where players can show those plays that create illusion when they go better than you expected, making it clear that participants can take very interesting awards.

Invocator, you will be tested to demonstrate that your talent in League of Legends is not just luck. The challenge will be to achieve a Pentakill (5 Kills-eliminations) in the crack modality of the invoker in qualifying modality (5V5)

Have your registration data at hand to log in to the website and be able to register all the challenges. Add points and prepare to find your name at the Top 20 of the Old Spice Game Arena 2022. You can participate in the League of Legends challenge from June 20 to 26

Visit Old Spice Game Arena 2022, register, demonstrate your skills and become a legend.

Has Spelunky 2 has a cross game?

With the release of Spelunk 2 on PlayStation 4, as well as later on PC, you might be asking yourself if you can delight in the cross game with your pals. The exact same goes for Computer players that recover the game on Steam.


The game does not sustain the cross game, it provides several factors and multiplayer settings to play. The globe of game is much larger than the initial, which implies even more levels to check out, personalities to unlock, traps to place and challenge make use of. Spelunky 2 will certainly likewise include implication courses as well as levels on numerous degrees, so you will have numerous expedition alternatives.

Your unlocked characters will certainly kick back at your house, encouraging you when you are squashed by a rock or bitten to fatality by a bat. You can also establish mounts, develop your base camp and also delight in all the secrets that the game makes sure to have hidden.

Spelunky 2 is the sequel to the original Hit of Roguelike platform. It’s somewhat scary to assume, but the original game was released practically 12 years ago. It has ended up being a standard of the independent game and was component of a wide variety of video games which have actually proven that the independent video games could complement themselves with the most significant video games in the industry when it was a concern of bringing individuals to put back cash.

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