The collection of peanuts in Hay Day is not what you do actively. Instead, the proteins will do it for you. Arachis can only be collected in 62 level and when you reach this level, you will need a protein collectors.

how to get protein in Hay Day

In trading district you need to buy protein house from Animal House Section to get peanuts. The protein house costs 45,000 coins, and each player can only have 1. Then you can buy protein for 4000 coins for each. Until you increase the level of the squirrel house, you can buy only two proteins. After that, the proteins will make peanuts for you if you have a peanut bush.

How to get a peanut bush in Hay Day

The peanut bush costs 1200 coins and can be collected twice. For each crop, there are 1000 pits that your proteins will automatically send to harvest. As soon as you collect your first 1000 pits, you will need a friend to revive it so that you can collect another 1000 pits. You can revive the peanut bush only once.

Hay Day Summer Update 2020 - Squirrels & Peanut Bush
Proteins will use 300 pits to make one peanut. You can collect peanut by Click on Squirrel house . The distance between the squirrel bush and the squirrel house affects how much time it takes to collect the harvest, but it does not matter when you are not online.

For how much can I sell peanuts in Hay Day?

You can get 2340 coins for 10 peanuts. The peanut bush costs 1,200 coins and gives six peanuts, but three peanuts will give 20 peanuts. Three peasants of the peanut will cost you 3600 coins and bring 4680 coins, and this is the only way to make a profit from the production of peanuts. Otherwise, it is best to use peanuts for the preparation of honey peanuts, a mixture for snacks, chocolate pie and many other products that include peanuts.

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