We are talking about something better. The best films, the best video games, the best anime. But in the media space, the theme of the worst is quite scarce. I consider it unfair, since the public should know its heroes. People with specific examples should not know how to do. And today I want to talk about the worst anime that I have seen in my life.

The anime, like any other type of art, is properly not amenable to an objective assessment, and therefore everything that will be set out in this article is exclusively my personal opinion, my emotions and thoughts with which readers are not required to agree.


I’ll start, I’m perhaps with such a terrible anime that it’s good. The real icon of Treha, worthy of standing on a par with the “room” of the legendary and adored personally by me Tommy Weiso. EX-ARM is worthy of respect for at least one simple reason-already in the anime trailer shows all its nature.

Everything in EX-Arm is fine and I’m not joking. The three -dimensional CG instead of the Orthodox 2D in this title reached an incredible level of wretchedness more disgusting. The color palette does not catch the eye, in the animations there are clearly not enough frames (and a couple of three dozens), the choreography of combat scenes is completely absent, periodic glitches CG. And what about the plot about a guy who has become a weapon and his romantic relationship with a girl who uses this very weapon. Should I continue?

Ex-ARM A real standard of how you should not do anime. BUT! Everything is so bad that even good. A real crinfest and the best way to feel such a term as “Spanish shame” on the fingertips. I don’t know why I looked at Ex-ARM once, but now I think that you have no right to call yourself a “man of culture” if you have not mastered at least a couple of episodes of this title.


Tell me how the Ufotable studio could create such a “work” as gyo? Bad in all parameters, which does not cause anything after viewing, except the thought “Well, what the hell did I look at this?”

Gyo is an absolutely mediocre story about how Okinawa, and then throughout Japan, attacked millions of fish on mechanical legs. Anime does not even try to answer questions about the origin of this strange horde of zombie fish, as if he intended to give a damn about the viewer. Although what am I talking about. The authors of the adaptation spit not only on the viewer, but also on the source. Plus, even by the standards of 2011, Gyo looks as cheap and second -rate as possible. This anime can only be compared with the third-rate American horror of the 80s and 90s, after watching which it becomes a pity for the time spent.

The WORST Anime Power Rankings EVER MADE!!


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a question. Who could have the idea to think that making anime in Adobe Flash can be fresh and innovative? Well, in theory it may not sound so bad, but realization… Implementation is just a failure. Sheer. Fastle. Watch Hanoku really hurts physically. And this is said by a person whose youth passed under the banner of the flash-game and animations of the most diverse stubbornness.

The anime series, in which the action-component should prefer, can “boast” an incredibly crooked animation. It seems that instead of people in production, fish from Gyo were involved. And the fact that the series lasts no more than 5 minutes in any way saves Hanoku.

If you want to see Hanoka, it is better to spend your time on an amateur animation, which a car and a small cart on the same YouTube.

Wonder Momo

Bandai, for what? Why do you hate the world so that you created it? To characterize Wonder Momo, one picture is enough. Do not believe?

The disgusting story of a high school student who dreams of becoming an idol and fights the aliens. MOMO is stuffed with low -quality, dull jokes, flat characters and can easily defeat the nomination “The most disgusting Seiyu of the main character”.

Although, from the point of view of the visual series, Wonder Momo, in principle, is a very viewable title, if you turn off the sound. After all, Graphinica studio was engaged in production, which I personally love for Ova Hellsing and the Chain Chronicle series. That’s just the stupidity of the heroine causes physical pain when viewing, comparable to a stab on the head with a blunt object, suspiciously similar to Momoko-chan.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

Ta-Dam! And here is the winner and proud winner of the title “The worst anime of all times and peoples”. On my personal Olympus, the disgusting titles “Girl” fell for one simple reason – hatred. The purest and unheard of hatred for the main character of this anime, the cinema civic.

I agree that the plot in this Title is not the worst, let it and wiped in the modern anime industry to holes, and female characters may well become someone else’s wifa (here I will not condemn anyone). But the main character…

The protagonist Kanojo, Okarishimasu is an ideal example of a character that has been repelled and ended in every sense, which can cause nothing but disgust. Invation is a real rag, which others wipe the legs very, very deserved. Some may object to me, they say in an anime there are a lot of similar weak -characteristic characters, which you clung. Yes, he does not become normal from this, and he does not cause less disgust due to “familiarity”. The outrage does not grow over himself, does not try to somehow correct his mistakes. All that he can whine and masturbate, masturbate and whine. I don’t know what at the time of the creation of the manga was in the head of Rage Miyajima, but clearly not the desire to create an interesting character standing in the center of the work. Perhaps the author tried to make a hero who would be close to the heart of every amoeba so that even the latest Gigguk could imbue them, but let’s leave projects about minorities to the authors from another part of the world. Although I have nothing against certain minorities: gravity and Pico are masterpieces.

And, perhaps, people who protect Kanojo, Okarishimasu are the only ones who really deserve a drop of compassion in this harsh world. It is difficult to continue to enjoy the anime after losing all the feeling of taste. Okay, protect Chizuru-chan and say that it is cute, but not impossible (especially on condition that the hand and mother are nicer). To say that the grandmother of Kazui is cool, too, because she sees a lot of money in gacha games. I can understand this. But when some people try to say that the protagonist is quite an adequate and designed character, who simply “sometimes shoals”, for some reason I want to stroke them on the head and silently go into the sunset.

Actually, on this my personal selection of the worst anime of all time ends. I still do not understand why I watched the anime listed in the article and what I was guided at that moment. God, yes, in order to refresh the memories, I looked again Gyo, Wonder Momo and Hanoka. The real patient on the head is a fan of cartoons, it turns out.

Ladies and gentlemen, and let’s share in the comments to share those titles about the viewing of which you regret. We will arrange a festival of hatred for mediocre anime.