In the past, in a gray classic period, the dungeons in WoW were a group outing of a special kind. You got together in the capitals and traveled through the world together to spank some mobs and bosses for hours – in the hope of something loot and a lot Fun. But these times are over. Not even in WoW Classic or BC Classic the feeling of that time could be adjusted again.

Instead, the dungeons are more funds to an end today. Whether leveling up, equipping or farming certain resources. There is hardly anything that does not matter in WoW. But instead of enjoying the fun of the path, many players only have the goal in mind. You would like the result (loot, XP or anything) as soon as possible, with as little effort as possible. The result: groups that plow through the dungeons at the speed of light and do not look on the left and not on the right. And that’s also completely okay! Many players just want to be through the dungeon quickly. Source: dungeons

Is Classic WoW or Shadowlands Better for New Players?

different intentions

However, there are still many players whose goal is not only the result, but also the way there. Especially returners and newcomers might like to get started a little more slowly, not only to see something from the beautifully designed dungeons, but also to get used to the game and understand what actually happens in the dungeon in question.

So they prefer to fight slowly and leisurely through the dungeon. Instead of fighting five groups at the same time at the same time and are not afraid that they will be kicked if they don’t find the sprint key in time or just drink a sip instead of hammering keys. And that’s also completely okay!

two philosophies do not go together

Although Shadowlands are slowly but surely coming to an end, new players come back into play or return. Some are impressed by DragonFlight, others want to play through Shadowlands at least once in terms of story and others get lost to Azeroth for unknown reasons.

And it is precisely these players that apparently have an increasing problem with the OGOGO mentality. Because while this mentality is only lived out by a few at the beginning of an extension, the group of pull! Pull! In the meantime everyone knows the dungeons, knows about the dangerous places and dares to play all bosses plus trash in every normal dungeon. Of course, it also plays a role that at the end of the Addon many players still add countless twinks. The level dungeons therefore find more OGOG players than usual. At least that indicates the “complaints” of new players in forums or social networks.

two dungeon finders?

Naturally, such problems only occur in the automatically compiled groups – but relatively frequently there. The problem cannot actually be solved. None of the groups goes wrong or is wrong. There is no law in WoW that prescribes how quickly or slowly a dungeon should be played. So what to do?

On the one hand, the players should of course stay friendly. If the rest of the group plays too quickly or too slowly, this is not yet a reason to become decreasing or even insulting – we meet both regularly.
You can be different. But that’s why you should still respect and not to be betting. Source: dungeons
On the other hand, an idea appears again and again that is definitely worth thinking about: a second dungeon finder. Of course, this does not really mean a second system, but more an additional setting. In addition to the role, it could also be checked on request whether you want to fight through the dungeon particularly quickly or particularly calmly. There are already comparable setting options for mythical plus dungeons.

Such an additional function should hardly be any effort. Of course, the waiting times might increase if you are not open to all options. In addition, you would exclude what you might not like at all.

mentor dungeons?

Another idea that is often found is to expand the mentor program. The demand is that newcomers are only sorted into a group with other newcomers and always sorted with one or two mentors. So Ogog players could avoid newcomers and the newcomers would always have one or two players with them, who are unexplained if they are unclear or who can take the group through the dungeon leisurely. Sounds not bad in theory. However, it is questionable what the waiting times for newbies would look like – after all, neither newcomers nor mentors are as numerous as Matsch in Orgrimmar.

Of course, this is not a problem that moves the width mass in WoW.
But I think we all agree that new players also do World of Warcraft (buy now).
And in the past, Blizzard has already done a lot to ensure that the newcomers feel comfortable and are well introduced into the game.
What do you think, could be the solution here so that the new players are not deterred directly from the old hands?
Tell us your opinion in the comments.
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