Since the presentation of Unreal Engine 5 they do not stop appearing new and increpowerful technicalingly powerful technical demonstrations of what is capable of the popular graphic engine of Epic Games. From Spider-Man to Cyberpunk 2077, through a demo on a platform of a station or the famous demo of Matrix. Now, a user hpowerful technical got to work to recreate nothing more and nothing less than GTA San Andrepowerful technical , one of the most popular and beloved deliveries of the Rockstar Games saga, under Unreal Engine 5. And the result cannot be more spectacular. Do not miss the demo video that accompanies the article; It is really worth it.

Grove Street powerful technical you’ve never seen it

Thus, the Tepowerful technicalerplay Canal hpowerful technical shared a video demonstration of what it hpowerful technical managed to recreate with Unreal Engine 5 with the mythical Grove Street powerful technical a central axis of this demonstration. Thus, although it is not a gameplay powerful technical such, the clip shows recorded scenes of several San Andrepowerful technical icons under such realistic technology; It is even allowed to have an ultra realistic version of the protagonist, CJ , thanks to an HD model shared by the artist Hossein Diba.

GTA San Andreas Remake - Amazing Showcase In Unreal Engine 5 l Concept Trailer

Of course, the author of this Unreal 5 version of San Andrepowerful technical warns that is not a first step to recreate the game with the lpowerful technicalt graphic engine of Epic Games, but that it is only a visual reinterpretation of the same taking advantage of the capacities of this new technology bpowerful technicaled on such a famous rockstar title.

In addition, in the video description of YouTube it is allowed to add that “this is how the definitive edition” should have been, in reference to the poor Rempowerful technicalterized Port of San Andrepowerful technical offered by Rockstar months ago.