Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been formalized by Activision E Infinity Ward , the information about the latter remains very, very discreet, except that they are actually non -existent.

However, the developers had announced a few days ago that the next Battle Royale will not be linked to any other Call of Duty game, and according to the latest leaks, Warzone 2 map would look more like one of the legend maps of the license..

Warzone 2, a map similar to Blackout?

When it was launched Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 In 2018, it was the first time that the license offered its players A Battle Royale through the Blackout mode . While it was well received by the community, it was less successful than Warzone, the first of the name. The reason? Probably because Warzone seemed to be a free game, unlike Blackout, which had to be paid since it was implemented in BO4.

As a reminder, the Blackout map offered several points of interest with the best license classics, including Nuketown Island or even the ghost people with Buried Zombies of Bo2.

Exploring the NEW Season 2 Map Locations in Warzone!

However, despite Blackout’s lower success, Infinity Ward seems to want to return to the origins of this Battle Royale since for Warzone 2 the study would support more in the latter and not what the players know through Warzone.

Therefore, and according to the filter Tom Henderson, The Warzone 2 map should look more like Blackout’s, naturally with several points of interest.

Regarding these famous PDI, if the leaks announced a map inspired by the city of Medellín in Colombia, new leaks declared the introduction of several known maps of Modern Warfare 2 published in 2009.

Among them, Highrise, Quarry, Afghan and Terminal are those that players can expect to find through this new Battle Royale, but at present, the study has not yet confirmed anything.

If we had to summarize, Call of Duty: Warzone 2 would look more like Battle Royale Blackout , and if your map will be similar to the latter, the gameplay should also be. According to cameraman Neroscinema on YouTube, great changes will be produced: the inventory system with the introduction of a backpack, such as Blackout, or supplies falls that players must unlock through some challenges and at the shopping station.