The weekend is approaching and thus more Free Play Days on the Xbox.

Anyone who has an Xbox Live Gold membership above an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, this time there are three games to choose from.

So you can watch the freshly started season 9: hidden alliance of the agent game The Division 2.

Division 2 Free Play Days Punch Card Rewards Guide - Earn Any Achievement

On the other hand, if you like fast PS, you start the engines in the racing game WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship.

But if that’s too fast for you, you can cut a few grasses in the Lawn Mowing Simulator even with less horsepower.

Xbox Free Play Days KW19/2022

  • The Division 2 Download for Xbox
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator Download for Xbox
  • WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship for Xbox Series X | S download
  • Download WRC 10 Fia World Rally Championship for Xbox One

As always, your progress will be retained after trying it out and will be taken over after the purchase, so that you can continue playing seamlessly.