To become a chemical engineer in Bitlife, you first need to create a character who has decent mind . A decent mind will help you take the first step to become chemical engineer in Bitlife, who should enter the college. If you want to get high intelligence for your character, the easiest way is replay your character .

To change your character, just continue to create the characters again until you get the one who has the desired characteristics. As soon as you have high mental abilities, continue to age until you finish high school. After the end, you will need to submit an application and enter the college with chemical degree .

After the college, you can become a chemical engineer, looking for the work of engineer I under The Work tab . Nevertheless, not any work of the engineer will work, and you will need to look for the one in which the career of the chemical engineer is indicated as career in the work book.

How to enter college for a chemical degree in Bitlife

You can enter the college for a chemical degree by taking student credit or get scholarships if you have high intelligence. Both options will appear in an emerging window of events that appears after graduation. The easiest option is to get a student loan, but you will need to get a job quickly so as not to get into debt.

For this reason, scholarships are the best way, but it is more difficult to get them if you do not have high intelligence. There are two ways to get a scholarship with high mind and asking your Parents to pay . The request of parents to pay rarely works, so when creating a character, it is better to make sure that you have a high level of intelligence.

If you have a high level of intelligence, you can choose an option that provides you with a scholarship for free. Nevertheless, any registration method will work independently, so select one, and when you register, find the Chemical Degree in the list of options. This will allow you to enter the college for a chemical degree in Bitlife.

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