Bretting games are my great passion alongside video games, so the collection that I now have at home grows quickly. Many highly recommended games have appeared in recent years, it is not for nothing that I write my annual recommendations.

Terraforming Mars, however, has a very special place in my heart because it simply blew me away almost five years ago. Basically, as the name suggests – it is about making the Mars of Terraforms, i.e. habitable.

In the role of a CEO, we encounter projects, for example to increase the water content on Mars, to promote oxygen saturation in the atmosphere and to raise the temperature. The linchpin are a number of different project cards, but for which it is often necessary to play certain requirements.

Tobias Veltin

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Tobi’s bretting game passion was re-sparked in early 2016 when he realized in a sociable round with colleagues what ingenious representative there was in this area. The haptic experience fascinates him the most – almost as a counterpoint to the “non -tangible” video games. Every now and then he also plays implementations – like that of Terraforming Mars.

In addition to the thematic strength of the game – Terraforming Mars, on current scientific knowledge – in addition to the enormous variability, I also like the many cards that all players work on a plan and the Mars together. In the end, only one or one can win. In the meantime, some extensions have also been published, which make the game even more varied and also make more demanding and complex in some places.

Terraforming is also virtually fun

Why am I telling you? On the one hand, of course, because I want to draw your attention to this board game superhite and think it is absolutely recommended. And on the other hand, because there is currently the virtual implementation of Terraforming Mars for Umme in the Epic Game Store. So you save yourself just under 20 euros and get the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the game processes. And that may also make the board game tasty.

Here are a few impressions from the PC implementation in the trailer:

I have already tried the virtual variant myself and find it quite successful. The game is clear and easy to understand, I also like the small animations when new tiles are placed on the Mars landscape. However, many users complain about many bugs and problems in the game, which I have not noticed after my short play sessions. Attention, there is no console implementation yet, but there is an app for iOS and Android, which is currently not free.

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My recommendation is therefore: Tell Terraforming Mars, if you are even interested in board games or their virtual implementation. However, I send a warning directly: If you like the risk that you will soon grow and thrive with you soon.

Do you already know Terraforming Mars? What do you think of the game?