In any case, Sarcelles has already produced a prominent face. Riyad Mahrez, who had to give up in the Champions League semi-final with Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday evening, learned to kick at AAS in 2009 to the Quimper Kerfeun FC in Brittany.

On Wednesday, the Academy of Hoffenheimer announced via Instagram to support Sarcelles in the future “in the further development of young footballers. The multi -divisional club from the greater Paris area is already doing excellent work in the care and promotion of boys and girls from socially weak areas, which should now Help of exchanges, (trainer) advanced training and friendly games are further expanded and improved. ” It was only in March that the 16-year-old Talent Sekou Doucoure Tandiang from Sarcelles brought the 16-year-old Talent Sarcelles into the club’s U 19.

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But what is behind this deal? How can Sarcelles be integrated into the Hoffenheim youth strategy? On the one hand, this had been more oriented to scout and shape the best from the region in recent years. How successfully implemented with Dennis Geiger or currently with 16-year-old Tom Bischof.

On the other hand, the focus was always on talents from South America, justified by the close relationship with the Rogon consultant agency. Some of these talents, such as Roberto Firmino or Joelinton, made their breakthrough in the Kraichgau and brought in million sums. Others were awarded back and forth without even getting close to the Bundesliga squad, such as Bruno Nazario.

many young Frenchmen for the TSG youngsters

The transfair-right-wing recycling company was involved in many of these controversial business, which was connected to the TSG patron Dietmar Hopp. Her successor company, the Hobra, took over the Brazilian club Barra FC in 2020, which was obviously launched by people from the Rogon environment.

The association, which was only founded in 2013, presumably acted as a bypass vehicle for the third-party ownership banned by FIFA 2015, which critics call modern human trafficking. After the Barrra takeover, Hobra bought in the Portuguese second division team Academico de VieU in mid-2021, where Rogon talents quickly came to loan.

At the same time, a comparatively large number of young French people who are under contract with the Ludwigshafen agency changed to the TSG youngsters. France has been a hotspot for years at the international talent market: Many talents with African migration background are often physically more mature than the competition of the same age, especially in the economically weaker suburbs of Paris as a chance of promotion. Sarcelles is such a banlieu of the French capital.

Academico is now a second division light

At TSG itself, Hopps are said to have been controversial for long. In the summer of 2021, the Hobra itself even made it possible for her work to be a project privately financed by Dietmar Hopp, which is not in direct connection with his commitment to TSG.

It was not until October 2021 that the cooperation with Barra, which was unveiled by the Talent Sarcelles in April, was officially made at the Hoffenheim general meeting. At the time, Hopp issued the future goal of the Bundesliga club: “Six or better.”

In addition to Barra and Viseu, both of which run over the company to be attributed to the billionaire, and Sarcelles also maintain cooperations with FC Cincinnati (USA) and the Accra Hearts of Oaks (Ghana). While the Barra FC initiated initial sporting successes, such as the promotion with the U 17 and the senior team, the project in Portugal does not seem to be under an all too good star. Academico is now the bottom of the 2nd division.