Grandmother Levante and Games of Guardians are returning! This time she offers the guards many awards for which you can get more experience, laurels and medals.

Far, far award is a daily reward from Eve Levante during the guide games. He sets the guards the task of earn five medals Precision Spree Vanguard within 24 hours. To obtain a medal, the guard must quickly defeat three enemies with accurate damage .

This year, Guardian Games is focused on raids. The guards who scored impressive glasses will receive more medals for supporting their class. Several prizes are hanging on the line. Last but not least, this is pride associated with belonging to the better class.

Mad Bomber Bounty Earn Demolition Expert Vanguard Medals Guardian Games Playlist Destiny 2

It will be curious to see who will be in the first place this year. Will the titans get together and return it? Will hunters be able to make their way to victory while the titans and warlocks fight each other? Or will the warlocks finally and legally win? The time and goodwill of the titans will be shown.

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