Netmarble’s new 3D TPS MOBA, Overframe, has been in CBT since April 29. Initially, it was an indie project based on the 3D TPS MOBA ‘Paragon’ of Epic Games, where the service ended in 2018, but after joining Netmarble, it has accelerated development.

In particular, only alpha tests based on a small number of community personnel were conducted, but through the first CBT for users from all over the world through Steam in January, check the smooth game play and completion in large -scale access environments. I could try it.

On the other hand, some users were concerned that overprime would step on the trains of Paragon, which became the motif. However, in the first CBT, ‘Overframe’ is based on Paragon’s asset, but the speed is raised further and the elements of other MOBAs showed a fairly different color.

Of course, as it was the first CBT, the server and the optimization issue broke out, but we have not only promised to improve through interviews, but have also sought various solutions by signing an MOU with Intel. And three months later, I checked the ‘Overframe’, which came to the second CBT to be verified again.

■ This in 3 months like this? Definitely felt stability and optimization

The first change in the eye was optimization. Even in the first CBT, the optimization was not a bad level, but when I first accessed the game, it was almost the best specification option to 4K without exception, so the impression was forced to remain strong. Furthermore, it was natural that Paragon, which was based on Unreal Engine developers, was very concerned about the optimization of the user.

Furthermore, TPS, MOBA Both genres are very sensitive to frame units or optimization. Aim is missing once or in a single or all win or loss, or it’s often divided whether or not it is right for the ‘Timo Meter’ moving. Therefore, the top priority of Overfrime, which combines the two genres, was optimized. So in the first CBT, most users pointed out this, and they promised to improve.

Based on the primary CBT, the GeForce GTX 1660 Super Based on the FHD resolution, it was possible to play normally, but in the second CBT, it was optimized to be digested to QHD resolution. In particular, during the 5-5 strokes, the frame was slightly lowered in the FHD resolution, so the frame was made in general.

▲ In the 1st CBT, the Ryzen 5 3500X and the GTX 1660 Super were covered with FHD

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▲ In the second CBT, the QHD is optimized so that it can be digested.
Moreover, in the last CBT, there was a phenomenon that the effects were especially spoken when the effect was especially gorgeous, especially the skills of the brilliant cosmos, and the shade skills that changed rapidly. In particular, the two were high enough to meet almost every time during the first CBT period, so there was a high point in optimization. However, in the second CBT, it was possible to play smoothly without having to experience this phenomenon.

In the first CBT, server issues often broke out, such as one of the five editions, or the game itself became invalid. However, while playing the second CBT, the server issues did not suffer much, and the ping was good. Of course, this is the basic literacy of online games, so what it means to say greatly in this regard. However, as Overfrime was insufficient in the first CBT, it was a big key to how much this part was modified in the second CBT. And this second CBT, it was definitely improved, and it was expected to be expected to be released stably.

■ Gameplay that dramatically pulled up with small changes such as line portal

Another homework that Overfrime should solve was the perception that ‘slow’ from the time of ‘Paragon’. In order to overcome this, the attack speed was significantly raised and the line clear speed was also lowered to reduce the stamina of Tian, a mob, commonly called minion.

As a result, even in the first CBT, the speed increased so much that the difference was not significantly reduced as expected. Still, if the original paragon is over 30 minutes in one edition, it is a game that has been over an hour if it is a little longer, so it is a significant achievement to reduce it in 40 minutes by long in the late 20th.

However, when I actually played, I didn’t feel much. In theory, the basic map structure was a structure that removed the tower of each line and shortened the length in the version after the first large -scale improvement of Paragon, and the movement speed was faster and the sprint mode had a new feeling. However, the map of the original paragon was not dramatically changed, and some sections were blocked by the topography, so it was not reflected in the mini map, so it was not so fast when I went back to the wrong way. It could have been.

As if we recognized this problem, the second CBT minimized the problem of changing the career again by writing more details of the route and specific sections of the minimap. In addition, the portal was installed after the jungle mob was previously located to solve the problem that the distance between the solo line and the duo line at both ends of the left and right was previously far away. In addition, even if Tian falls out of a certain distance, he continued to fix or follow the bugs.

Even if it’s written in the patch note, it’s a trivial modification, but the change in the play that such a small change brought was surprisingly great. Unlike other MOBAs, which can be somewhat cool even if there is a means of going to other lines in the opposite line, if the line situation is good at any time, it was possible to intervene in the opposite line to roll the snobbowing. In addition, the jungle was found in a solo line, and suddenly the width of the luck was widened, such as going through the duo line through the duo line. There were also a variety of careers in which solo lines join the duo line where prime guardians appear and the prime guardian appears.

The item system also referred to the system of other MOBAs and reinforced the tutorial so that the users who had encountered the overprime could be more intimately accepted without access to the paragon. Unlike the League of Legends, there is no summoner skill, and similar effects depend on the basic items. In the first CBT, the first caught users who first caught the jungle did not know the effect of the effect and picked the recommended item. It was unintentional and unintentionally trolled.

Of course, if the number of plans increased, such a user ratio decreased, but anyway, there was no explanation in the game, so due to the characteristics of the steam game that matched with foreigners, it was just frustrating and had no choice but to give up and give up the next edition. However, in the second CBT, the tutorial was reinforced to recognize the jungle mob buff, and the recommended item items were reorganized in line with each liner, reducing the phenomenon of dying without knowing anything from the beginning. The item store UI is not a way of occupying both ends of the screen, but rather a window in the center of familiar to users.

■ ‘Overframe’ with a full -fledged framework, in the future, should be displayed and later vision

Optimization, improvement of errors, and some changes in the system are usually done to increase the completeness of the game, so explanation alone is not very effective. But sometimes it works a lot in gameplay. In particular, competing games like MOBA have only patched a small number of coefficients, but they often change not only the pick rate of the character but also the meta.

The second CBT of Overfrime was also in this case. At first glance, it seemed like a few lines of changes on the patch note, but the change of actual change was amazing. Of course, to be precise, the basic CBT has been somewhat insignificant, such as server and optimization, so it is right to see that the basics are more than the change.

Even if there was a possibility in the first CBT, there were many inconveniences to confirm it, so if there were many users to confirm, this second CBT was thought to be able to imprint the potential for users. In fact, from ‘Paragon’, not to mention the quality of graphics and assets, but the gameplay could not be supported. If it was the first CBT of ‘Overfrime’ in the process of improving this, the second CBT was the point that pointed to the point that pointed out what the vision of Netmarble was drawn with some maintenance. Maybe you can give it.

Of course, you can release it right now, not this. This is because ‘Overframe’ still needs to be more needed to be officially released. First of all, it was not completely stabilized yet. Often, the left control key recognition was delayed, and the skill level up was not at the time of the desired point, or the mouse cursor did not go back for a while after pressing the tap key. This phenomenon seems to be a small factor, but it is likely to be inspected once more. The character’s attack motion was modified, but the Sprint mode motion still had some awkward characters, sometimes stepped on.

In addition, 12 characters were released in the 1st CBT and the 2nd CBT.