The senior financial analyst in the independent organization MST Financial said that the cause of the Square Enix Western studios was the failure of the Marvel series games.

Square Enix Sell Crystal Dynamics, Eidos, IPs, & More For $300 Million To Invest In NFT & Blockchain

David Gibson said that Square Enix lost $ 200 million in two years at the Marvel’s Avenges and Guardians of the Galaxy, nevertheless, he considers the amount of the deal, because it included four large franchises. Square Enix itself said that she plans to let money into investing blockchain, artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.

It also became known that Marvel’s Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy will be controlled by Embracer Group after the permission of Marvel. New owners plan to recoup the deal or even go out into a small plus in a couple of years. This is possible even without the release of new games, if, for example, to sell products to the Xbox and PlayStation to signal services.