The MMORPG New World from Amazon is already available for testing on TCP. The main points this time are three.

  • PVP Arena: 3×3: Five rounds of two minutes, from level 20, you can stand out of anywhere in the Eternum through the menu;
  • Two new currencies, PVP XP and Azoth Salt, which are issued for participation in any form of PVP, whether it is battles and missions in the open world, outpost rush or arena;
  • The chosen pronoun is now displayed in the chat (he, she, they).

New World PvP Reward Track Full Breakdown - This is EPIC!

Also added mutators for expeditions and the second episode of the plot about the Varangians. And a little earlier and already on the main servers, the store was replenished with new cosmetics.

You can discuss New World in a separate section on our forum. And on the site you will find news, articles, manuals, videos and other materials on the game.