[Lee Jung Park Ye -jin reporter] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) launched a large -scale update of ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ (hereinafter referred to as Dun Famo Mobile) on the 28th and released new contents.

First, Nexon introduced Dunpamo’s first raid, the Apostle Lotus. The Apostle Lotus is a raid content that is one of the 12 apostles of the original Dungeon & Fighter, which is a boss.

The Apostle Lotus, which consists of a total of three stages, has a higher difficulty as the stage progresses, and the reward is rewarded, adding to the fun of the raid because it is possible to acquire Epic (top -level) items such as ‘Mysterious Weapons of the Heaven’ and ‘The District of the District of the Sea’.

Ldoe 1.11.5 First raid in the new update! Plus I go over skills at the end. - player5462
He also unveiled two new characters ‘Mechanic’ and ‘Spitfire’. Mechanic can use robots and machinery to perform various attacks and have strengths in long -range attacks. Spitfire overpowers the enemy with several explosives that show off shooting using special bullets and brilliant attack effects.

The contents of the update promised as a developer note are also attracting attention. The added ‘Cosmo Gauge’ is a point that can be accumulated whenever you cannot acquire Epic Equipment at the Hell Party.

It added a ‘succession’ function that can transfer the accumulated strength of the equipment without penalty. At the same time, the company has added contents and systems to improve convenience and play environment, such as the ‘Adventure Group Expedition’, which can send the expedition to the fostered characters to obtain the best epic equipment.

Nexon will hold a variety of events for a month in May. When you connect to the game, you will be given a ‘welcome weapon’, a powerful weapon that can be installed directly to the character. The user can strengthen the ‘Weapon of Welcome’ up to 15 rounds by participating in the event. In addition, the new former job ‘Mechanic’ and ‘Spitfire’ will be fostered, and a dedicated season pass and attendance event will be held for return adventurers.

Meanwhile, ‘Dunpamo Mobile’, which was released on March 24, is a game that reinterprets Dungeon & Fighter’s intellectual property, which is the number one action genre by building a huge fandom of 850 million global cumulative users.. Eight days after its launch, Google Play and Apple App Store ranked first in popularity and sales.