The first DLC Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Coiled Captors offers a unique structure that processes the main expansion boss, Chams, every week after its release. While the first form is the simplest, the following versions of this opponent become stronger with each update. Make sure you know when to expect the development of Chams in Wonderland.

We indicated the official update time for Mirrors of Mystery and Chums, as the gearbox is indicated below:

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Friends Schedule

  • First form : 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time on April 21.
  • Second form : 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time, April 28.

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* Third Form : 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time, May 5th.
* Final form : 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time on May 12.

After the previous dates passed, players can consistently take each of the forms of Chams at leisure, and every new test opens more stories of this mysterious monster. Vesper continues to inform the players about this fall to God as they are promoted, but each of the Chams variations can boast of their strong and weak parties, which means that you need to adapt to survive.

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