With the approach of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II rumors about the next iteration of the popular Battle Royale, Warz1. Although nothing has been confirmed, we can expect the successor to Cal Of Duty: Warzone will appear to his third anniversary in 2023.

Since Warzone 2 is considered a completely new game, your cosmetics and the skins from Warzone will not be transferred to it. There will be completely new characters, maps and weapons that players will be able to experience, and the transfer of content from the game of the previous generation would not be the best way out.

It is also necessary, given the fact that lately Warzone has become too clogged with all content. In addition, more than a hundred species of weapons, drawings and operators from three different games Call of Duty significantly increased the assets of the game and, therefore, the file size.

Nevertheless, Warzone will still work even after the release of Warzone 2. So you can use drawings of your weapons and operators skins whenever you return to Warzone.

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