Blockchain Games Are Here - What You Should Know
“I do not think I have to think about NFT.”

Every time I meet industry officials from the second half of 2021, it was. NFT, a block chain, started to hit the various plans since 2018, and this was not an exception to the game industry. In addition, the news that the sales of the games that introduced NFT have increased explosively, and it would have been a matter of course that Gumi pulled out of the enterprise.

The news on the news about the NFT and the block chain is also pouring out of the point that it has not yet been in spring. Even glows, such as Ubi Soft, Square Enix, have passed a platform that has been on the ground, and the Wemoid, which is a platform called Mir 4 Global Version, has been informed by the GDC, did. Even the industry legend is also interesting. The developer of the “Ultima” series is because the Richard Gloth is made of NFT-based MMO with a Todd Porter, one of his long partners.

On the other hand, the response of the users is not friendly. If the news is to introduce NFT and block chain in the game, each community will take a negative response to taboos, and even accept the soul to money. In this way, the network that advocates the NFT and the block chain, and developers who are developing NFT games have a lot of “no good NFT games”. NFT, blockchain technology has yet to be bored in the spring of 2022, which is naturally recognized by the technology that the quality of the user is not the same as the earliest, and the technique of the user will be naturally recognized by the technology.

In addition, NFT technology has been a view that the introduction of the developers will be another means of being able to accommodate the development of developers. Richard Roller said that the instrument that has created NFT games is that the NFT and the block chain preserved the value of the item in the game developed by the NFT and the block chain, and that the user and the user and the user-developer have seen a transparent transaction between the user-developers. When he developed and service Ultima online in an interview, the development team mentioned the cases where the development team was broken in the case where users have become a temple, which has become a temporous transactions, and a third party that has been made by a fee.

Some industry people ultimately want to share the vision that the game that introduces NFT and block chain is to enjoy the game beyond the game enjoying the game. It is moving to a platform beyond the game level of the company, and it is also a movement to expand the economic ecosystem with partnerships and conventions as partnerships and conventions of Wemoid and Cacao Games. In addition, it is also presented that it is connected to the reality of the reality, and it is also presented that it is connected to the economy of reality.

It may not be impossible for such a rose light. The history of mankind has been developing as a reality that it was not possible until the previous year. However, these visions look like a story that does not come to the users. There is a technical problem, but it is a bigger ‘trust’. You do not have to be trusted, and you have to believe it. Diamond is a composite problem with this dimension.

NFT is a means that it proves that it is the only thing that is unable to be unable, but it is recently occurring in recent years that “Who” issue it is issued. In particular, in the game system, it is only two of them known in Korea. After the Soul Walker Academy developer ended the service, it uses unauthorized Soul Walker resources, to create an NFT game, and when the former Lost Origin Overseas Publisher employees have left the illustrations, did not earn NFT.

In addition, on the broadcasting platform, streas, BJs are involved in NFT and coins, and they are continuing to hear in some places, such as irritating the water. NFT, which does not issue the original author, and the streams and BJs that believe in the market, and the BJs are not good for NFT and the block chain, and the users will see the NFT games and developers, Is not it difficult to be? The story that the reasonable action of that is taken, or the story that it will prevent it is not already heard, so it would be difficult to trust it.

In addition, NFT games that prove value conservation are emerging as sleeping as NFT games to terminate their services or shut down the update. Ubi Soft has terminated the game update of the brake point, and the NFT game released in 2019, and the NFT game released in 2019 has ended the service last March. F1 The termination of the license agreement with F1 after the termination of the delta-time service, and unlike the development of the developer, the value of NFT held by the user is falling. Although there is a variable called a license, the NFT and the block chain = value conservation, and the belief in value constant could be shaken.

The NFT and the block chain are still in the beginning of the developers’ horsepower, and they are in the beginning, It is not just that the word has a possibility of unmatched. I did not have a chart. Unknown is that the “utopian” journals waiting for a rosy future, “Distepia” is not yet certain. And the changes that NFT and the block chain were not provided to the user who had a positive experience. Unrivaled NFT and NFT games, coin issuance, ‘cheap’ legalization controversy from the crowded NFT and NFT games from the crowded mining. And now it may have been a bit different, but the process of making the NFT, the process of crowded and crowded, which is less than the level of the earliest level, did not afford to raise the worsening,

If you have a new way to be a new way to be a new way, you can make a new way between the users, and only a new way to make money. The core value of the ‘game’ is fun, and the NFT and the block chain game also develops, and if the know-how is developed and the know-how, I do not know if I can not have a problem that I can not be a problem. However, ‘game’ needs a rule and needs that the rules are kept. I do not think it is difficult to understand that it is safe to be safe to be safe to be safe in a situation where a parval is happening. Furthermore, it has been placed up to complaints about the complaints of the game, which is accumulated from all previously, and it has been placed up to complaints about the operation of the live-service game.

It is first to invest in investment and getting to make the foundation to solve such things, this story is probably a problem that is turning to the story of chickens and eggs. Why do not you have trusted trust since that way, In an indispensation and complaints, which originated from a negative case, the past experience, and the industry stores only the positive future, and the users are easily fidelized. Moreover, there is a perception that the pie was hugged from the situation that was well enjoyed without such an element, so there is a perception that the pie has been dirty.

The NFT and the block chain game is now as long as it is just a trend, or it is not yet convinced that it will end with a temporary boom. However, it is obvious that it is difficult to spread only the industry alone to spread the industry al1. In the end, more consumers must participate in the market for the market. If you want to pull them into a plate, you should not be able to start with a frightened phrase, a bee chart, and a frightening temperature difference, but it is difficult to overcome this alarm temperature difference and to narrow the distance.