First there were stars, then thumb – Now Netflix changes the evaluation system again. Subscribers may be happy about another feature that the streaming service will allow in the future to make better suggestions even better suggestions.

Netflix introduces the double thumb

Thoughts On Netflix's Two-Thumbs-Up Button
Thumbs up? Or rather thumbs down? After watching a series or a movie on Netflix, users have been able to show that the content has liked them since 2017. Now, however, there is another valuation option for all Netflix subscribers: The double seams.

This can be awarded when users have found particularly large cases of a series or movie. But why the whole thing? Quite simply: Netflix hopes through this expansion of the system to offer its subscribers further content that are still better to fit their interests .

In addition, users can also make a clear demarcation between content that they really love and those who were only a nice pastime.

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Netflix feature has been working for an eternity

For subscribers, it may seem like the feature is a quick shot action of Netflix, actually the streaming service behind the scenes but has been working for one and a half years on the double dome (Source: Gamespot).

In all this time, changes have always been made – especially at the symbol of the new feature. Thus, in addition to the double dreams, the party emoji (????), a heart (♥), a shooting star (), and an applauding clapping (????) to choose from. Against the double seams, however, could not enforce the alternatives (Source: Protocol).

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From now on Netflix users can therefore be awarded next to their thumb and thumbs up the double dome. The new feature is available for Netflix’s web app, smart TVs, Android and iOS devices.