Otherside Entertainment has just unveiled a brand new gameplay teaser for System Shock 3, which, in case you care yet, actually exists and arrives at some point for PCs and other unconfirmed platforms.

As shared by the developer, System Shock 3 “is the last born of the series of conventional award-winning games under the leadership of the sector legend, Warren Spector, and a dream team behind System Shock, VOleur: The Dark Project and Deus Ex “Do not confuse System Shock Remastered.

System Shock 3 Dead | End of Otherside Involvement Confirmed, Interview with Warren Spector
Warren Spector had directed the original system shock, so it is considered the father of the franchise even though the second chapter was kept by another legend, Ken Levine, who used this experience to create the bioshock franchise.

The gameplay trailer, which you can look below, comes from a pre-alpha version of the title, obviously operating on PC. It is a little rough but shows the operation of the first person’s view, in the same way as the original titles of the couple.

In addition to that, we are told that system shock 3 will allow us to play and explore freely, choosing who we are and how we reach our final goal between several skills covering pirates, stealth specialists, masters of melee, etc. We will have for the task of drilling the mysteries of a space vessel by the evil Ai Shodan.

So, here’s the video: What does it look like?