Zak Snyder Insult - Geeks + Gamers after stream addressing Snyder comments

While everyone is racing about the recent exit of the Judice League Zack Snyder Epic Cup, the real story took place during a chairing flow that resulted in a chaotic chat of good and evil.

If you have not heard, the Snyder Cut of Justice League was released last week, which is a long 4-hour cup of the original movie of 2017. But it is not the film, but what s is ‘Past during a charity broadcast between Zack Synder and the Geeks + Gamers website.

Geeks + Gamers has the reputation of being a form of “alt-right” media, “anti-SJW”, which includes YouTube videos. It seems that the Geeks + Gamers community has continually tended to make known feelings and thoughts to individuals or groups about Geek + Gamers. This includes video titles such as “game reporters hate video games”, and support videos for Gina Carano, and cancel the culture.

The objective of the Stream was to collect funds for the US Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide, which is a wonderful cause, especially since the daughter of Zack, Autumn, died by suicide at the age of 20. Snyder had to leave the Justice League project during this period. to deal with his loss.

The stream presented Uche Nwaneri, Ryan Kinel and Lethal Lightning, who are all Geeks + Gamers contributors. One hour after the start of the stream, Zack was introduced and started with: “Just a little thing before you start. »

He followed with: “I know that on our donation page, we always have the Geeks + Gamers logo. I just wanted to say that I really – we talked about it and we are really not associated with geeks + gamers as far as I’m concerned. I really want it to be clear. I just want to just say that in the light of recent events, if Justice League teaches us something, it’s about gathering and there is no room for hatred. I just think it’s an important message. As a father of Asian children, he really hits near home. For me, I just want to broadcast it, there is no place for hatred and that’s exactly what it is. What, the Geek + Gamers contributors of the Stream did not say anything. But of course, later, Nwaneri tweeted a thread with his answer.

Although I’m not a big fan of Zack Synder, there are some things I appreciate whatever the movies he realizes. He has not been part of sexual harassment / toxic behavior / scandal # metoo and seems to be very frank about diversity, including women’s representation; In particular by comparing Snyder allegations against Joss Whedon.

On the one hand, I must admire Snyder for recognizing the sometimes controversial mentality and type MOB of the Geek + Gamers community and their contributors who thrive thanks to this, however, it seems appropriate that Snyder has waited for the exit of the film. Express this opinion, giving the opportunity for all fans that it could offend the time to watch the movie. There is also the notion that these comments would trigger more discussions on the exit of the film, but we do not know the true intentions of Snyder with these comments; We know that he felt the need to denounce what he considers an unacceptable behavior from a community and contributors.

What Zack Syndner did, was the right thing to do, I wish more celebrities or anyone continue to denounce this type of behavior, if they are ready to do it and to face any reaction that could occur..