Developer Kontraktor Entertainment Bureau has published the STEAM page of the drive game “ SZROT ” based on the car and culture of Eastern Europe.

In this work, we depicted the back society of street races that spread in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the player aims at the top with the old car “SZROT” that the uncle was on the newcomer. Various locations from Belgrade’s dirty town to the sweets of Finland and Russian border appear, and it is possible not only to repair, tune, and earn ortheworks, not only races.

The characteristics of this work are as follows. By the way, “SZROT” seems to have an old broken car that sells a used car part in Polish.

  • Race

  • Semi-Open World

  • destruction

  • Customizing szrot

  • Help the grandmother’s grocery store

  • Can be delivered by car before drunk friend spit

  • Run away from the police

  • Bank for commuters

“SZROT” to draw retro graphics is scheduled to be distributed for Windows / Mac / Linux.