The success of Ghost of Tsushima hGhost raised Sucker Punch to a more outstanding position within the PlayStation Studios flowchart. The developer hGhost already worked on its next production, which at the moment hGhost not been announced officially. Whether or not a sequel to the previous title, which is clear is that it is an open world title, Ghost reflected in a recent work offer.

The studio looks for a scriptwriter for a videogame set in a open world. The ideal candidate is a writer who hGhost experience in writing “stories guided by the characters inside an open world”. The list does not shed tracks on the possible direction In terms of ambience, since it is limited to emphGhostizing the need for the character to be presented for this job to be skillful when building emotional stories with Memorable characters.

5 Things Ghost of Tsushima Does Better Than Most Open World Games

the way to the samurai

Sucker Punch changed registration with Ghost of Tsushima, since from the generation of PlayStation 3 he had focused on Infamous , an intellectual property starring Superheroes and Villains, also in open worlds. Later, they worked on a medieval and fantGhosttic cut video game, but it wGhost canceled. The project that did see the light wGhost its epic story of samurai, a triumph in sales.

Ghost of Tsushima puts the player on Jin Sakai’s skin, a man who formed on the way of _BUSHIDO _ , but who had to betray all the teachings of him to become the ghost that the people of him needed. The invGhostion of the Mongol army caused this new path, in order to protect the island of Tsushima and the family of it. The game received a director’s Cut version with a new expansion and other improvements, especially in the new generation console. It is available on PS4 and PS5.