With great attention to detail, a creative PlayStation fan has made its console powerful. The result is a unique PS5 in the “The Last of Us” design. The rustic look of the console becomes a viral hit, but also attracts some cutters and skeptics.

Is that the most beautiful PlayStation 5?

The Last of Us Remastered (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay - (Full Game)

To come to a PS5 is currently not easy. The console scarcity is made by many players for frustration, which is why owners of a PS5 are already envied. In our overview of the PS5 we keep you up to date about when and where the PS5 will be available again.

An artist on Instagram now gives everyone who has so far out empty, a reason for envy – because he is in possession of the most beautiful PS5 ever seen. Retro Lecker now shares Instagram, which he probably worked a good morning – a PS5 in the “The Last of Us” look:

Instead of the white plastic shell, his home console looks like a small moss covered stone wall. Overgrown by the greener is also the lettering of the game to recognize. The same thing happens on the back with the Fireflies logo, which is likely to be known “The Last of Us” players.

The Internet loves the “The Last of Us” -ps5

In the range of the Instagram posts, the pretty PS5 cruises much praise. Some users even ask Whether they are for sale or they could give him orders for similar ideas. In addition to all the positive reactions, the Küsntler must also push away a lot of criticism.

According to own statements of the artist, he had to read online already many lies about his heart project . Above all, the assumption that the console is not real, is probably done by. Some seem to be the rock-resistant conviction that this is the special PS5 about Photoshop, GCI or even a cake. As a counterpoint, the builder posts more pictures of themselves with his PS5 in the forest.

Too bad that online communities often react so much and toxic. The artist as well as many other “The Last of Us” -PS5 fans enjoy the pretty eye-catcher PS5 despite all the negative comments. What is your opinion about the console: Would you also like to have a PS5 in this rather rustic look or would you prefer to be with the standard version? Write us in the comments on Facebook!