Max Payne 1 & 2 remakes have AAA budget
Excellent news for fans of the Finnish developer Remedy Entertainment: There is a remake of the first two parts of the Max Payne series! Images, a trailer or even a release window to return the third-person shooter legend, there is not yet – so without a hard-proof details, we do not have to be dismissed.

The games are programmed by Remedy themselves, while the in-house Northlight Game Engine is used, which already provided in Control for a very apart look. Financed, and that is a pretty exciting detail, the development of the two actioners, which then appear as a remake bundle, from Rockstar. The GTA makers were already apparent as publishers of the games before they developed Max Payne 3 themselves. Remedy comes in case of any gains only when the remake has recorded the development costs for rock star. The initiator of the project was Remedy itself – and of course both parties are looking forward to the matter.