For those who wanted to embark on a good game of trampling insects in the universe, you are celebrated by 2020. Slitherine Software developers, the British company behind Spartan, Legion Arena, _ and Horrible history: ruthless Romans, _ A new trailer for their _troopers starship: field order.

The next real-time strategy game (RTS) looks at the first film of the franchise, released in 1997. The trailer shows part of the expected game with the rows of soldiers facing a horde of bugs determined to conquer everything.

Starship Troopers: Terran Command NEW Campaign Demo Gameplay

Slitherine also posted a gameplay teaser on their YouTube channel, showing the soldiers being disembarked with a truly battle vehicle, The Mechs protecting the smaller infantry units. Towards the end of the gameplay, there is a place where all an outpost is invaded by The Insects. A bomber finally arrives to destroy the place.

Some parts resembled another RTS survival game called They are the billion, where players must defend a strong progressive growth against a horde of zombies. Players must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of expansion to acquire new resources, but they may disperse too much to deal with the wave of zombies that fall on them. _Troopers starship: field order could prove to be something similar.

However, we do not have an exact release date for the moment. We only know that we can expect that in 2020.