This work includes a play repel, and it contains a spoiler to introduce. And for this title, there are a lot of news and production that can be enjoyed because it is a first look, so if you want to play without pre-information, it is strongly recommended that you have a browser back here.

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto “as soon as possible”, “explosion play repo”.

This time, Bitnine Studio was developed, Whispergames was responsible for Publisher, and on April 01, 2022, for PC (Windows), the consumer is a bug RPG “ Terrorbane ” released for Nintendose switches for Nintendo Switches I would like to deliver the contents.

# What is “Terrorbane”?

This work has a sword and magic, a royal road RPG …… Game that is swinged by a phenomenon outside the specification. For developers who intercept I feel that it is an adventure ** that scatters a joke.

If you have a game-like approach that incorporates a metaneta, it is “THE STANLEY PARABLE” in the “EVOLAND” series, but if it is “THE STANLEY PARABLE”, this work “TerrorBane” is better than the latter? By the way, it is a slightly hairy color, and both elements of the accelerator were open. It is not a series. Let’s introduce it as soon as possible.

Operation, setting, language

This work supports mouse & keyboard and controller operation. It is good to choose as a taste because there is no difference in the play experience. This correspondence uses the Xbox One controller. Items aligned on the setting screen are very simple contents of volume and language selection.

Languages are compatible with in Japanese, except for audio. Thanks to the polite work by translator TOBINETA, I was able to enjoy the comical atmosphere of the work as it was.

# Basic game flow

Sana game starts Blue screen from……. Comments of developer windows and “fucking” displayed continuously. At this point, it is a skillful production that tells you that this work does not progress.

In this work We players, discover all critical bugs that occur during the game, and write down to the list and notify developers. In this way, it feels helpful, but actually, “developer” to try to play a decent RPG and a composition such as “player” that enjoys the bug repeatedly and enjoys bugs, “games” An inner character, “ will still show and proceed with the meaning of gesturing somewhere.

# How to discover bugs

The title screen is the title screen. Somehow the image has not been read… Anyway, the main story starts.

In this way, the previous synopsis starts to flow in a vertical scroll.

Long long long. Since the text will continue to flow for about 2 minutes, and it has been stuffed with a moment. Click here to skip by pressing the A button here! It seems that there is no longer a good thing.

However, I was a little briefly, so I had a little patience and stayed until the end. This length was no longer the end roll momentum, but if it is also finished, the screen switches, and the screen to feel the rising of the story and the “extreme patience” to the top.

Yes Notifications when this is the “discovering a bug” , and afterwards will be searched for bugs per body after hitting the operation character here.

Each chapter has a hidden number of bugs, and some are probably difficult to find out with an idea that it is a good idea for the developer, and it can be found in the idea that it seems to be a little nasty.

They are almost impossible to find everything in one play. Therefore, kind developers in this work have prepared “warp gate” for players who have played until ending once. Using this gate, I will try to find out the game bug with this hand while accessing all chapters and go around.

During the bug, bugs, rather, thanks to the developer in the way, it is also not to know if it is a regular or directed….


This is an illustration of a lighterly ignoring the point of seeing me to meet the king waiting at the castle in the north of the city, **. NPC (?) Wanted to be worried about in the lower left of the screen and can not help it. Any intentional behavior is an integral impact on flag management?

NPC was Las Boss.

Painful pain.

A production that has never seen somewhere.

Here again, let’s feel the monster intro in the old Pokke.

Furthermore, this is already meta, however, how is the game from the PC screen.

# Let’s make full use of bug techniques

“This is not only an attraction that rails on the rail just to leave the game and look at the bug production? I was also the first of the first time, and that kind of thing was overwhelmed.

However, salt plums of the level design (?) Of this work are clever, and those bugs are gradually becoming a mini-game factor and attack the player, so it can be played firmly.

For example, in the above combat, it is a mini game that returns the screen resolution that has become blurred by a button continuous hit.

“Made In Wario” Regards Different mini games occur continuously, and if you hold off, it is quite easy to get game over.

By the way, it doesn’t matter, but if you look closely, the ability item is “Persona” every time “Limit” is “Limit”, is charged.

In addition, if you advance the game, you will interfere with the object itself deployed in the map and rewrite the program to attack…… It will be a level like an attack. Personally, this is the most fun and rushed to rewrite the code in a hurry while avoiding enemy attacks (?) The series of tension was good.

in conclusion

Start with blue screen Ends on blue screen…… It is a good place for this work. Personally, this work is excellent in the sense of balance that provides the joke part and the operation part alternately, and in front of the former, the goodness of the tempo to replace the atmosphere and travel to the next part is quite good. It was a comfortable play experience.

It is wonderful to laugh with “Fufu”, regardless of the production.