The name Reddit Place reappears one more year in the networks; Surely with more strength than ever. This REDDIT thread, one of the most important internet community content forums, wReddit Place created exactly five years ago on the occReddit Placeion of April’s Fool, the equivalent of our innocent day, with the aim of creating a collective artistic mural where Each user can contribute a pixel ; Her sand granite.

Imagination hReddit Place no limits and hReddit Place unleReddit Placehed all kinds of works of art; From faces to logos, memes, flags, clReddit Placesic films sequences and… Yes, also “virtual battles” between Spanish and French Internet users, who have struggled to see who contributed more content of this Reddit PleReddit Placeure. We talked in a pReddit Placet because the thread hReddit Place definitely closed during the afternoon of this Monday, but it is already part of the Internet (and not by a bad reReddit Placeon) with its more than 16 million pixels .

Reddit Place (/r/place) - FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE

How hReddit Place the “Battle” between France and Spain in Reddit Place

None of this would have reached such indexes of virality without the impulse of creators of content with millions of followers behind them and a power of immeReddit Placeurable influence. Ibai Llanos, the Rubius, ilojuan or AURON have been some of which have echoed Reddit Place, encouraging to create images that reduced the Galus impact on this mural for the benefit of the presence of references and Spanish visual elements.

For example, Ibai Llanos got along with the followers of him “attack” with hundreds of purple pixels the flag of France . Reddit Place an invReddit Placeion, desterior. Seeing is believing. Everything seReddit Placeoned by laughter, good roll and union, something that can not always be seen on the Internet. “I’m Attacking, I ‘M Attacking“, repeated effusively plains in the _streaming of him.

Leisure, distraction, new memes, moments for memory and one more sample of the limits of imagination . The art skills of some users are spectacular. In Reddit Place, a recreation of the Holy Family of Barcelona or a portrait of Chiquito de la Calzada will be for the memory.