Meanwhile, the RedDit project / R / Place is finished. People could create pictures on a huge pixel canvas. Each user was allowed to change the color of a pixel every few minutes. Communities came together to publish a variety of works of art, memes and more on the page; Actually a cool thing!

Especially This April Fool’s Event 2022 was popular with Twitch Streamers , which use their big communities to overpain other works of art or to raise their desired pixel image as large as possible. The community pride often went too far. Contributory agreements between communities were negotiated and wars broke by the fence . Others used bots, who repeatedly posted pictures.

XQC gets more murder threats through place pixel wall than in six years

Reddit Place (/r/place) - FULL 72h (90fps) TIMELAPSE

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The / R / Place event attracted so many people that Twitch’s largest Streamer XQC could expand its spectator record from 222,720 to over 233,000 spectators . At the same time he broke with the event but also another, sad record: According to the streamer, he received in April 2022 more murder threats than in the last six years of streaming together .

His community crafted the works of art on the Place page, which he made. Thus, the reddit mods did not agree and censored the pixel art of XQC and other great streamer as Mizkif. Not only the reddit moderators took the fight for the pixels very seriously. On Twitter and Twitch the pixel war went so far that a lot of threats were pronounced.

Pixel art changes people

After encouraging his viewers to “attack” the pixels of various communities, including my-little-pony fans, “to destroy their pixel art, he received more murder threats as ever before.

“I would like to take care of you in your life so much more about other things that are important to you, such as making something out of you, rather than participating in cold, angry violence, just because a few damn colors changed have. That’s a damn illness. ” said XQC in the stream.

It is obviously not the first time that XQC has received murder threats. In 2020, he talked about it and claimed he stopped hiding other streamers. Spectators often threatened him because he had “poisoned” their chat. How did you fend the place event? Have you also noticed Communities negatively? Write us in the comments.

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