Last month, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that World of Warcraft: Shady lands will bring back a series of classical dungeons for the Mazmorras Mazmorras group of the season 4. The players could vote for two of those places, and the number one winner was Grimish Depot, from Deñores de la Guardo de draenor. That victory generated some concern among the players, since those who suffered from dizziness found problems with the dungeon in the past. However, Blizzard has announced an optional solution for the movement’s dizziness problem in Grimrail Depot, as well as in Maw of Souls, thanks to the incorporation of a new NPC.

New 9.1.5 Quality of Life - How To Set it all up!
The update will be implemented in update 9.2.5. In a video that details the change, players can see a pawn who suffers dizziness in Grimrail Depot. After buying an element of elixir they have elaborated, moving environments are replaced with still images, which makes it more accessible to players. The spirit of the character reappears in the jaws of souls (posthumous title), where players can buy elixir one more time. The video that shows these changes can be found embedded below.

In general, the reception of these changes seems overwhelmingly positive. On the game forums, players praised the way Blizzard was able to devise a solution that benefits users with dizziness by movement, while maintaining these elements intact for those who enjoy the dungeons as currently. It is a really intelligent way to make the game more inclusive, and it should be a great relief for many players.

Apparently, problems with dizziness by movement in Grimrail Depot were a fairly common problem. In the video above, it is easy to see how it could be a problem, since the funds move at a strong rhythm. It remains to be seen if the changes with the still images will work as advertised, but it certainly seems an intelligent solution. Hopefully, this change will make the return of Grimring Depot even more exciting for every1. Mund of Warcraft players!

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