WSS Playground announced that “ Needy Girl Overdose (Digar Overdose) ” released on STeam on January 21, 2022, has achieved a total of 350 million world cumulative sales..

This work is a multi-ending ADV, which aims to be the strongest Internet Angel (distributor), a life with a strong license with a strong girl. Last month, it has been reported that a total of 300 million sales of the sell number from the release to one month, and more than 50,000 are sold. The player will spend her daily life while making a little sick or stress while doing her delivery, and it will be a “super excessive osteko-chan” follower 100 within the 30th deadline. I will aim for acquiring people. If delivery is exciting, many followers can be acquired, and at the same time, “stress” is also increased, and “stress” will also increase “life”. You have to look at her video site and healed, dating and care her mind. The selected behavior increases or decreases the parameters, and the ending branches due to its numbers.

NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD All Ending / Secret.Txt Indie Anime Game Secret Needy Girl Overdose Ecchi

In commemoration of the achievement of 350,000 copies of this work, 10% off-sales of the bundle where the game main unit and soundtrack, and 2 items are set are held. It is also announced that the music of this work will be started with main subscription services such as “Amazon Music”, “Apple Music” “SPOTIFY” and “LINE MUSIC”. In addition, the “Needy Girl Overdose Soundtrack” analog recording was also decided, and reservation order acceptance has been started.

“Needy Girl Overdose” at STeam, 1,680 yen (10% OFF from the display price during sale), the bundle bundled with the game body + soundtrack is 2,250 yen (10% OFF from the display price during sale period During delivery with). “Needy Girl Overdose Soundtrack” is being delivered in 820 yen (10% off the display price during the sale period) in all 23 songs. Subscriptions are delivered by Amazon Music / Apple Music / Spotify / Line Music. “Needy Girl Overdose” Soundtrack (12-inch analog record board) is accepted for 4,950 yen. It is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2022.