[Data provided: Devs Sisters]

\ – Devanau, Debus Sterles Content New news to the global community in love

\ – Responsible for this year Existing games and launches from the scheduled work to New Development Projects

** \ – especially 3D pitching game (Dead Side Club> (Dead Safe House)

\ – Cookie Run Game can be seen as video

\ – First Devanau will be opened through 10:00 am Devs Sisters Official YouTube

\ – Plan for Devanau as a global festival that communicates with our customers

Devs Sisters first opened the online showcase ‘Devanau’ on the 14th. From 10 am to the day, Devs Sisters will be released through official YouTube .

Devanau is a seat that previews the new news that is currently preparing for the global community to love the contents of Devs Sisters.

It is the first to convey the updates of existing games and the news of the new project, and at the same time, at the same time, we are decorated with time to share a variety of stories and memories, including preparing for gifts for developed torque and community. Through this, it is expected that the future scalability and competitiveness of Devs Sisters, which have made great growth in the .

Devs Sisters supports five language subtitles such as Korean, English, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai, as long as it is gaining many of his representative ips, And it is a global festival that can communicate with customers around the world with its starting this year, and plans to gradually expand into annual events to share new pleasures every year.

This Debranau offers an interesting and diverse story based on its own worldview with existing games and new works. It is expected to have a different time to experience each world in advance in individual spaces that have the personality and color of the project. All enjoyment of the new update, new development games and service plans, which are scheduled to release this year from new update information of Live and .

In particular, the new “Dead Side Club”, a new 3d-touch-tech genre known as a Safe House, is finally finalized the game name, and in earnest, we will start a walk to inform the global market.

is a key title that goes on a global launch of PC games and console platforms in the mid-year PC games and console platforms this year. New information related to the work, such as a unique and interesting concept, yet unexpected and exciting concept, yet not yet exposed, is the first disclosure in Devanau.

In addition, the actual play scene of the next cookie run game is also opened. You can first see the dynamic battle of cookies that are unfolded in large maps.

In addition to this ▲ Mobile Puzzle Adventure Game ▲ Mobile Casual Cooperative Action Game ▲ Cookie Run Fan Platform Cookie Run IP Based New Games and Services, and New IP Projects ▲ Mobile construction simulation game Development lineup is unfolded until the game .

For more information about Devanau, it will be published through Devs Sisters Official YouTube and Twitter .