The morning look at the phone has become a trembling for Jens Scheuer. On Wednesday, the next poking message sought on the mobile phone of the Bayern coach: Maximiliane Rall has infected with Covid-19 – and is already the seventh player of the German Master, which for the Champions League game on Wednesday evening (21 o’clock, Live! At Jens Scheuer) with Paris Saint Germain fails.

Before, Linda Dallmann, Jovana Damnjanovic, Franziska Kett, Karolina Lea Vilhjalmsdottir, Carina Weninger and Sarah Zadrazil had infected. If you still close the long-term injured Marina Hegering, Laura Benkarth and Ivana Rudelic, the Bayern’s lazaret has grown to ten players. In addition, the Frenchwoman Viviane Asseyi should not play due to a yellowstone.

It’s a mulmy feel every morning.

Giulia Gwinn

Scheuer talks on the look at the headcurrent of “thin ice, very thin ice even. It is a disaster that the virus is so throwing us in the decisive weeks.” A team supervisor of Bayern has also been positive. “If my phone stays calm, I’m relaxed,” says the coach. “It’s a queasy feeling every morning,” Giulia Gwinn tells about the waiting time until the result of the daily Corona test is established.

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Scheuer: “We are better than the team”

Short residence time in the cabin, no meal more and showered after training at home. The Bayern try everything to keep the likelihood of further infections in the team circle as low as possible. Scheuer: “UEFA says we have to play.” According to UEFA regulations, 13 players including a goalkeeper must be available to a club. Currently, Bavaria has two field players and a substitute goalkeeper on the bench.

We have analyzed the standards and seen that we have made false decisions.

Jens Scheuer

Despite the adverse circumstances, the Bundesliga second with optimism goes into the quarter-final return match in the French master. The first game last Tuesday, Paris was happy to decide on 2: 1 for itself. Both goals for the guests fell after insufficiently defended corner balls.

“We have analyzed the standards and seen that we have false decisions,” says scrub, “in this area we have to become more mature.” His team is “damn hot on the game” in the Paris Prince Park. “We will deliver a good game and want to face the opponent from challenges. We are better than the team, because our overall fabric works better,” believes a scrub.

Flyer to Wolfsburg lifts on Saturday

After returning from Paris on Thursday, the Bayern-Tross spends only two days in Munich before the plane for the game in Wolfsburg sets off on Saturday. The top game at the Bundesliga leader on Sunday (2 pm, live! At Jens Scheuer), however, plays “not yet a role” before the Champions League duel in Paris.

Wolfsburg welcomes Arsenal to the quarterfinal return match of the Champions League on Thursday (18:45). The first leg in London ended 1: 1.