April 1 is never a good day to receive crisp information. So when you receive a suspicious USB key of Ankama about either saying exclusive images of a new Dofus Unity 2 area, it’s ladle. So we sent our best Newspaperburn to unravel all that. Braving all the dangers, they traveled, discreetly, in the premises of Ankama. Well, the door was obviously open and Logan greeted them starting.

Then update: April 1, 2022

A USB key with exclusive searches for Dofus 2 Unity

Range the wolves, the images contained in this key under the folder “Dofus 2 Unity Maps Super Secrets – Pichon of Aperirerel” are real. However, the “Canopy Pichon” is not here the contents in itself, but the context of these screenshots. New zone? No. Information about Dofus 2 Unity? To be determined.

In the past few months, the Dofus team has unveils a drop-in card animations in the Unity engine. Indeed, the portage makes it possible to better take advantage of the effects of light and animations. All by ensuring a fluid rendering. However, here we have a very special case. Not only do these last images are not already at stake, but they are not animated. These are simple renditions as can be found during Ankama Live presentations new updates. If one might think of a new zone, the bright and agitated neonfish before our eyes is just a technical demonstration.

In any case, we feel here a very cyberpunk inspiration. It is clearly a nice example of what the team is able to do by reuse resources already in play in a different context, as was the case with Cania. However, we can let go and bite to the hook. The most attentive will notice the fish symbols present everywhere. Are they linked to a specific story? If the city is like the ElioCalypse areas in an alternative future, we could imagine a link with Waven’s wet environment.

Ankama Live Dofus Unity Eng Sub

Our ninjas exist indeed!

In conclusion, even if all you have read here is wrong, it’s still an opportunity to discover Map tests on the future Unity version. On the other hand, it is not a matter of a zone but creative prototypes. With a new engine and a little ingenuity on the part of the Level Designers, Dofus will be able to shine and evolve towards a quasi 3.0 version!