RIP Adobe Flash - Here's How You Can Still Play Flash Games

There was a time, during the wild and wild internet days, where he was full of flash games. You could not spit without hitting a huge battery of fighting stick, racing cars or murdered celebrities. Now all these strange and horrible jewels are threatened with extinction. This is where the BlueMaxima FlashPoint project comes into play.

FlashPoint is a colossal offline archive of each flash game that the team can recover, preserve and protect against ultimate destruction. The flash disappears forever from the internet, you see. Adobe officially kills the system on December 31, 2020. This means that BlueMaxima has less than a year to save every possible game of the vessel running slowly.

The team is an army of volunteers from around the world. Everyone works tirelessly to make sure the maximum flash game is preserved for the history. The games can be downloaded into several pieces, all at the same time, or in organized reading lists separated by type. If you are interested, you can visit the project website to download or contribute to the project. So far, they collected 36,000 games. Who even knows how much they have saved by 2020?