Digital Entertainment Game Enterprise NetEase Games is a Mobile Game ‘Wenner Brothers Interactive Entertainment’, a Mobile Game ‘Ring of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings: Rise to Wars’ Who is using MBTI ‘s Ring? MBTI Events said it is conducted from today.

The MBTI event is conducted on the user who applied for ‘pre-registration’ in the main app market, such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store, One Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. The user who participated in the pre-registration can be used to formally participate in the ‘Game Official Website’, which is exposed to the ‘Game Official Website’, which is exposed to the ‘start of the king of the rings’ on Naver.

16 Personalities Describing Themselves

This event is a manner in which the main hero of the ring is customized with his personality through MBTI, which is an emerging personality type test that is emerging with the hot keywords in recent MZ generations.

If you start the event, “What is my appearance to a new meeting (a lesson, company)? If you check one by one, you will immediately display an event decision value.

Depending on the value of the value, the beginning of the nature of the nature of the personality to be the end, a positive hero type, such as the “Arron”, a magdick type “Profong”, which is the ideal world, do.

Inversely, the symbol of evil, such as evil symbols, is an ISTJ type that is opposite to the role of the movie, and is exposed to a leader who has a careful work, a vision, and a vital leader, In this way, after the proceeding, the main person in the rings of the ring is expected to be exciting through the results of the 16 people of the main person and hero character.

As a result of the results of the result of the result, the development of the Human Gondor, GonDor, a gondor, the prince of the Jingdam, and the prince of the Elf, and the development of the Dwarf, Lostlórien, a symbol. Erebor is a federal liquor forces against the monarch Sauron of evil.

Conversely, by the world peace, angmar, which is dominated by oak for conquest and destruction, isengard (Isengard), Saruman’s Fort Icegard (Isengard), Sarari’s Fort and the fortress of Saunon, You can continue your journey.

If you copy a link to this recommended character, you will be able to share a link to your personal SNS, and then take a tag to the official cafe, and then authenticate it to the official cafe, and if you are posted in the official cafe, you will have the latest Galaxy Smartphone, Google Play Gift Card, Advanced Item Package, etc. Can be received.

Meanwhile, the king of the ring that started from today: the start of the war can be confirmed by the game official website in relation to the MBTI event.