Gianni Infantino is aiming for a third term as FIFA President and introduces himself to re-election. The 52-year-old announced at the Congress of the World Council of the Football World Association in the Catal World Cup location Doha.

“Because today we are all united here and they are the member associations of FIFA, I would like to tell them first.” Infantino was re-elected in 2019 and at least did not officially confirm his ambitions for the coming year. A FIFA President may pay a maximum of three terminals.

Infantino was elected successor to Joseph Blatter in February 2016. Previously, he was Secretary-General of the European Football Union.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino urges Vladimir Putin to engage in meaningful peace talks
The FIFA Council had decided on the day before the official schedule for the presidential kür 2023. The electoral period began on Thursday, the deadline for the reporting of presidential candidates by the FIFA member associations was set at four months before the Congress.

The deadline for the notification of the names of the proposed and approved candidates to the FIFA member associations is a month before the congress. Place and date of the Congress Next year are not fixed.