In this Trophy Guide to Weird West you will learn:

  • How many Trophies Weird West offers
  • What you have to do to get the achievements
  • How to get the platinum trophy

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There are so many trophies in Weird West

On the PS4 and PS5 you can earn a total of 54 trophies in Weird West **:

  • 44x bronze
  • 7x silver
  • 2x gold
  • 1x platinum

On Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X you expect 53 successes, which provide you with a total of 1,000 points at the GamersCore .

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Weird West: All bronze trophies

If you want to secure all the bronze trophies in Weird West, you have to complete, among other things, ten secondary orders ** and the order of a spirit and find all the temples of the ancient.

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Merciless Grave your stuff and scare you out. Bronze 10
Off to the low tide Defeat Shelby Cross in the Copper Mountain Quarry. Bronze 15
Blasted chains Get your husband from the quarry without shelby Cross being alerted. Bronze 15
The spit overturned Turning Ruth into a pig. Bronze 15
With their eyes Take a hero of an earlier journey in your gang. Bronze 15
Freudenaumel Kill Maximo and free the delights of the Lanternenstube. Bronze 15
Dirt and guilt Become a Wiindigo. Bronze 15
Old wounds healed Bring Maryann the gun from Glenn Mills. Bronze 15
Star on the ground Get the star of the dead sheriff from the ruins of the Boulder Creek mine. Bronze 15
The power behind the pulpit Lies Sybil’s book. Bronze 10
Rudelfest Save the disappeared werewolf. Bronze 15
Moon drunk Kill in wolf shape 3 opponents in less than 5 seconds. Bronze 20
Mysterious machine Save the 2 innocent in strangeness. Bronze 15
Eternity can wait Spased Essex mast at the end of the travel of the dreamer. Bronze 10
Crossed streams Complete an order of a host. Bronze 10
Off the way Close 10 secondary orders. Bronze 15
The stone of the wise Help Essex mast in his search. Bronze 15
No Zeilerei Defeat Schweinemsch Joe in a game of poker. Bronze 15
It smashes in the box Give the box of Heidin unopened back. Bronze 15
Armed winds Make a tornado to an elemental tornado. Bronze 15
Moonjäger Make a bounty hunter to a waswolf. Bronze 15
Disappointed Make someone unconscious by jumping from above to him. Bronze 15
NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Deadly showers Make one of your arrows to an elementary arrow. Bronze 15
Dead or alive Deliver a carton searched criminal. Bronze 15
Winter is here Collect all 3 of Schweinemsch Joes souvenir-snowballs “Tour du Weird West”. Bronze 15
Reverper Fang drunk a fight against a bear… and profits. Bronze 15
Gold Graves Grain 10 Earth Club Hide. Bronze 10
Monster Hunter Get the bounty on a pork template or voracious. Bronze 15
Ma Barker Stuff in a single passage were worth $ 10,000. Bronze 15
Do not go over Spend time in prison. Bronze 10
Explorer Find all temples of the ancient. Bronze 15
Welcome to the Whimsical West Kill your first monster opponent. Bronze 15
Railcar free! Occurs a flying vulture. Bronze 10
Here comes the Santa Claus Break through the fireplace into a building. Bronze 10
Lord inut greetings Brate a living chicken. Bronze 10
Volatile booty Get a bounty by delivering Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks. Bronze 15
Chain reaction Enter 2 or more opponents with a chain flash. Bronze 15
Let’s go Recruit your first companion. Bronze 10
Full cover Recruit a full band. Bronze 15
That’s Sparta Someone occurs from a roof or cliff. Bronze 15
Scholarter Read 50 books. Bronze 15
Extraportion Use a golden PIK Ass for the first time to purchase an extra. Bronze 10
Self-improvement Use a NIMP relic for the first time to acquire a talent. Bronze 10
Ghost town Make a settlement to a ghost town. Bronze 20

Weird West: All silver trophies

Only if you complete all Five Travel completely, you get the silver trophies in the game.

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
Victory of Justice Complete the journey of the bounty hunter. Silver 30
That was, people Complete the journey of pork template. Silver 30
For balance Complete the journey of the protector. Silver 30
Dogs Complete the journey of the Werwolfs. Silver 30
The evil comes on soft soles Complete the journey of the dreamer. Silver 30
The whole gang Lead the heroes of all travels in the Broken Steppe Temple alive together. Silver 30
The baking whistle of your life Defeat the Heidin at her Hau-Me game. Silver 30

Weird West: Gold and Platinum Trophies

At the end of your adventure in the Wild West awaits you on the PS4 and PS5 the Platinum Trophy “Legend of the Whimsical West” .

NAME Description Trophy GAMERSCORE
There is hope Save the world. Gold 90
Everything dies Finish the world. Gold 90
Legend of the Whimsical West Consult all other trophies. Platinum

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