While the temporary servers on retro dofus are more than half of their life, the third Ankama Live Tempohebdo arrives! Djinn and the game teams we will talk about the latest information and returns on the temporary experience of God IOP.

Updated 22/03: See you tomorrow for the last Tempohebdo of the season.
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TEMPOHEBDO, followed by Live

It is on the Ankamalive Twitch chain that this tempohebdo will take place in the company of Djinn. But also different members of the team DOFUS retro . See you this Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 11am for this edition. On the program are expected returns on temporary experience and the latest information about the end of the servers.

We find ourselves on the day J for the follow-up of the live. As a reminder, the final gulletminator has begun.

DOFUS retro temporis, summary

For reminder, small return on what the temporis adventure on retro dofus. After the success of the temporary servers on Dofus 2.0, Ankama tries to reproduce the event this time on the retro version. This announcement did not go unnoticed during the Krosmonote 2021, accompanied even from a musical trailer.

Some ideas were then presented and relate the news that will be proposed during the Live Ankama. You can find:

  • Liabilities for each class to make them more equitable progression
  • An X3 multiplication on experience, trades and runes
  • A drop of all equipment on the monsters and via temporary quests
  • Deletion, in the context of the event, of the levels of characteristics

* An unprecedented zone using Figost 1.0 assets
* Successes leading to temperatures as well as exclusive rewards
* Finally, a gulletminator will be held between the servers (there will be several). Resulting the basic rules, however, its registration phase will be revised with an opening to all via the guides.

Temporis “Glory and Baston” is available from Wednesday, February 2, 2022 .