With a 2-0 in the home game against the SV Dudenhofen, the SV Eintracht Trier is launched in the masterpiece of the Oberliga Rhineland-Palatinate / Saar. The SVE came well into the game and early at first degrees. For the first time really dangerous it was after a quarter of an hour. Bibaku’s header missed the gate but scarce. On the guest side, Neuner had the huge chance to 1-0 in the 21st minute. Wieszolek reacted, however, shiny and thus enabled Trier – king a felt shot – the lead only three minutes later. Dudenhofen was concerned about the compensation, but should meet again the hosts. Debrah used a Heinz crossing for 2: 0 pause guide. After the change, the entrance took the game sovereign. Nevertheless, for the table management, Wormatia Worms did not do their homework tags.

The Worms had to distinguish much more at Tus Koblenz. It was not a beautiful football game that bodied both teams the approximately 830 spectators. In the first round, the guests were clearly field-determining, but did not bring their superiority to the scoreboard. Half two started balanced, also because Worms were more and more in the same pace like Koblenz. In the 75th minute Qenaj punished the Worms compensation with a rich flat shot. The residue initially had anesthetic to the guests, but they had two asse in the sleeves. Five minutes before the end, Biedermann was head with his head. In the final minute, pine did it equal to him – 2: 1. Game still turned. Worms stays at the top through the last minute success at the top, Koblenz.

Bitter pill for Wiesbach

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Form-strength most recently presented the SV Gonsenheim and Arminia Ludwigshafen. Both hit each other on Saturday. And both continue their undefeated series. Because DAYA shot the hosts shortly before the break (40.), Pantano provided the 73rd minute for the 1: 1 final score. For Ludwigshafen at least a small setback in the title race, because the Wormser’s success is the residue in one place now already six counters.

A bitter pill had to swallow the FC Hertha Wiesbach. 1: 2 Underlay Wiesbach in the home game to the FV Energer. A double strike shortly before and after the break by Runkel (40th) and Schlesiger (46th) brought the FVE to the winning road. The Hertha was able to shorten through a Husic owner after one hour, but she left too many chances this afternoon to record countable. The residue on the top grows at seven points.

The FV 07 put a successful start to the FV 07 meanwhile. Home against Blue Weiss Carbach, the DIEFLENER ultimately won sovereign with 3: 0. Curios: Fischer (19th) and strength (60th) support the hosts with their owners strongly. The interim 2-0 for the homeland scored fishermen.