Direct at the beginning of Elden Ring, FROM software plays new gamers a common prank. A funny video on Reddit now shows exactly how players feel like they fall into the developer so early in the trap.

Elden Ring rolls new players at the beginning of the red carpet – just to draw it away in typical fromSoftware manner directly under their feet. While you can do the opponents in the tutorial initial area without difficulty, the first real fight with the tree watchman ** (almost) always ends an end. A funny reddit video now shows exactly how to feel players.

Elden Ring: Fan video shows nasty trick

Reddit user 13Plackhat has perfectly summarized in a video the feeling of new Elden ring players : While the first opponents do not constitute a problem and the self-confidence grows at the beginning with every successful heavy slot, it becomes the first serious meeting in the Open World quickly caught up.

From Software has clearly allowed a little fun with Neulingen: While weigh in safety at the beginning and overestimate its own skills, the game shows you only with a small delay , which is actually waiting for a difficulty in the intermediate country. The riding tree watcher shows with only one stroke that the journey is by no means a sugar pocket.

Community celebrates video

For Elden Ring players on Reddit , the video definitely meets in black : Many commentators find themselves in the cute animated player character and admit that they are precisely in this way in the trap of Dark -Souls maker tapped.

  • “” I thought that should be difficult? Am I so good ??? “Oh, how naive I was.” ( Reddit User Hallludba )
  • “That’s so sweet and shows exactly how it felt like to watch my father in this game.” ( Reddit User Snagglepuss )

Elden Ring - Hidden faces of enemy NPCs
* “LMFAO, that’s true to 100 percent. I’m full of self-confidence to the tree watchman. Was humiliated pretty fast.” ( Reddit User Bled )
* “Absolut everyone I work with, says, ‘I can not defeat this tree knight’ lol.” ( Reddit User Davidtalvo )

In our video we show you what elden ring is so special: