Of few sagas it can be said that they have marked each delivery to a different generation. Surely we can talk about the 3D Mario, with 64, Sunshine, Galaxy and Oddisey, or even the Call of Duty. But the reality is that if there is an IP with which with each new title you have marked a standard and created unforgettable memories for whom you played it, it is Grand Theft Auto.

A few months ago we talked about the resaster of Trilogy, and in MGG we take a different editor from one of the three games that included. This is so because each player has a story with GTA, and each player is more united to one specifically for very special reasons. Vice City, GTA 3 and San Andreas are very special. Also Niko Belic and his GTA IV were a twist turn. But nothing approaches what GTA V has meant, one of the best-selling games in history.

Since its launch it is already two generations! The title has not stopped growing thanks to the online factor, to the Roleo servers, and the new versions that has been getting in consoles as PS4, Xbox One… and now PS5 and Xbox Series. This is removed for the latest market machines is undoubtedly one of the most important novelties of the month, and judging by its success in recent times, of the year.

Graphics and different modes

In this version we have been playing these last days and one thing must be clear from the beginning. Not at all this review is as ambitious as that performed for the previous generation. That was the opportunity for Rockstar to shape GTA V as it had been conceived , without modest data, resolutions and Framers, and even news as the first person. What we have in hand is a much more focused update on two specific points: to take advantage of the new consoles at a graphic level and at the level of load screens.

The load screens is something about what we have talked about at the link below, so in this text we will focus on the graphic modes. In the NEXT-GTA V version there is a total of 3: Resolution, performance and an additional one with 30 FPS and ray plot . We have enjoyed the performance, because it gives GTA V of a fluidity that is very appreciated, while improving graphically the memory we had of the title.

The Resolution option improves the detail in certain modeling and something the distance of drawn, so it is the ideal if you are going to dedicate yourself to taking pictures to the city, passers-by or everything else. Finally, there is the most controversial mode, which is that of ray tracing. We say this because it just shows the difference with respect to Fidelity mode, although perhaps the problem is that the server just comes from observing the graphic madness and especially in the lighting that is great tourism 7.

a twist to the online

If people bought GTA V output went through the story of Michael, Trevor and Franklin . But if the title has remained a success in sales, it is by online GTA and the enormous amount of content that has been added during all these years. Similarly, this began to be a problem, because if someone wanted to add this fever, every time it was more overwhelming.

What has been done by Rockstar is to launch a kind of character creator that gives us tools to play and enjoy from the first moment. Said system, called creator of professions , makes us clear what options we have and makes us distribute the four million dollars between the different resources available that exist according to our style of play.

Does Grand Theft Auto V Have a Good Story?
For those who have not entered too much in this variant, it is a very interesting added and that rounds an experience that has not stopped improvement for many years. Thanks to this, many will discover everything in GTA online… that is not little.

GTA V is eternal

When I started GTA, I had a list of things to check: the graphic modes, yes these were up to, the theme of the professions on the online, how it adapted to the dualsense… and was to play and take a look at Everything else, to what I already had more than seen. GTA is still the same, but it is the one who has changed.

9 years ago I was there for the messages of the missions, that language so soez almost improper from a videogame or the freedom that was promised. But today I was able to take a walk around the city and appreciate the ingenuity of each and every one of the ads, enjoy a movie narrative style that almost reminds me of the most recent Adam McKay, or laugh as much as once in the cheers about Social networks, populism or exacerbated capitalism, but with it is nervous eye that has given me to move to adulthood at this time.

GTA V is an eternal game, but also one of those works that speak to us about the world in which it was created. Now, but also within a few years, we will see analysis of reality through the satire of this videogame; Just as it happens with certain books or movies. Grand Theft Auto V does not stay old, not only because its mechanics are fine and their graphic aspect has been improving, but because a work so complete, accurate and careful in detail is forever cauterized in memory. And there does not age anything.