Long talked Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software back with about Hogwarts Legacy. Under a new State of Play by Sony but it has now World Open’s been a big load of gameplay from. We summarize for you the presentation together.

Hogwarts Legacy: The gameplay was shown for

Since 2020 it is known that world game open in the universe of Harry Potter working on a large . Real Info Warner Bros. but has so far not revealed. So far: In an event organized by Sony State of Play developer Avalanche Software has the Fidelius Charm around aired at Hogwarts Legacy and provides a detailed insight.

As previously known, you added Hogwarts Legacy into the skin of a new student or a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the late 19th century. So far before the events of the actual novels and films about Harry Potter. As a player you created you your sorcerer’s apprentice in a character editor and then will quite traditional for the Sorting Hat placed that you plugged into one of the four famous houses.

Hogwarts Legacy - Official Reveal Trailer | PS5
After that Hogwarts Legacy shows as it has already introduced many fans. You can explore Hogwarts free, discover many secrets and take part regularly in various lessons . There, you learn the basics of the wizarding world as Harry Potter approximately one hundred years later in the books. In addition, you can you make friends with other students and learn it gradually know better.

However Hogwarts Legacy does not stop here, but is just beginning. In addition to the magic lessons you can the open world experience even its own story that is. Which deals with an alleged rebellion goblins that are in some way with dark wizards in conjunction. What it’s like to be and why exactly it plays an important role in it, you’ll find out in the course of the game.

Because of this involvement also ye are drawn again and again in fighting. The find, of course, quite typical with the magic wand instead and fall quite action-packed from. So you can use various spells or involve the environment, such as where their explosive barrels throw at your enemies. And thanks to skill system you can you with increasing playing time on certain aspects focus on and live out your own individual style of play.

There is an additional point Hogwarts Legacy World tradition Open modernity based on a classic: There is a crafting system . So you can collect in the world different resources and processes them at certain potions or other things. This is done either at specific stations or the Room of Requirement. This very special space, the fans of the series, of course, already well know, you can set up individually and design.

Speaking of Open World: The Legacy takes Hogwarts very carefully, because you can not only explore Hogwarts free. Instead comes to her also to Hogsmeade and can later in the game using your own broom further afield to explore freely. Here, too, of course, quite a few secrets and side quests await you. Whether or not the favorite sport of wizards, so Quidditch, is on board have meanwhile not tell the developers.

Release: When to Hogwarts Legacy appear?

The biggest question can not be answered exactly. According Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Hogwarts Legacy should but expected to be available for Christmas 2022 in stores. As platforms, the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the PC are so far confirmed.

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