While some people chain Speedruns and Non-Hits in Elden Ring, others set unlikely goals to try to make history. This is the case of Zerolenny, a Streamer / YouTuber that has set the goal of completing the game at 100% using only the torch.

Complete Elden Ring with torch: Zerolenny’s Project

This idea occurred to him after trying to kill Radahn with a torch; And once this feat was successful, he set up to Complete 100% game playing torch exclusively .

Unexpectedly, the torch can generate enough damage. We really do not know how it distributes your statistics points, but still everyone would think that the damage would be almost insignificant.

However, exercise is not easy, because like claws, the torch requires being very close to your opponents to catch a hit successfully. The training is mandatory and before killing Radahn with an unpredictable style, Zerolenny trained a good 4 hours before achieving him (not counting his practice with the other bosses).

In the run of it they do not count the number of dead nor the time employed. We also noticed that he does not intend to make this challenge at level 1, because this would undoubtedly be too complicated given the conditions in which he is.

What’s more, when he says he wants to spend the game, he does not seem to want to waste time in the innumerable secondary heads that have the intermediate lands, but the opposite, will undoubtedly be limited to the main plot of the game. A story that can be done in less than 37 minutes (according to the last record established yesterday).

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However, the challenge of him has the merit of being atypical and tremendously fun to see.