_ Gotham_ cablemen has a new release date with the launch of the game scheduled for October 25, Warner Bros said this week. The release date was revealed without ceremonies in social networks with publications that simply launched a promotion for the game along with a confirmation of the date. This new release date occurs after the game itself was delayed outside the 2021 launch window, but it is definitely not the same date that caught the attention of those who thought the game could leave earlier than late.

Gotham Knights - We FINALLY Have a Release Date! New Trailer COMING SOON?!

The Tweet then confirmed the date of launch of the game without much more than to say about it. _ Gotham_ cabinelies, although we have already seen some parts of the game through previous revelations. We meet its main characters: Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Nightwing, as well as the general history of the game and some of the villains who will face the family of bats.

While there is no guarantee that the game appears during the PlayStation event this week, it is worth noting that the announcement of the release date was made on the same day as the next STATE OF PLAY PLAY presentation. Sony said that this State of Play would have “a special focus on highlighting the great games of some of our dear Japanese editors,” what would dismiss Warner Bros. Games Montreal, but there will also be updates to “other developers located around the world”., “Also, for what there is hope that the game will appear yet.

Regardless of whether it appears there or not, you can still see some of the oldest images of the game to see some of the villains and other characters mentioned above. Much of the conversations about the game so far have been based on speculation and supposed filtrations in the absence of news as a real release date, but now that we have crossed it, hopefully we will see more games and others. _ Gotham, details in the coming months. Until then, the general description of the game that is below helps prepare the scenario for what is to come.

«Batman is dead. A new expansive criminal underworld has swept the streets of Gotham City, “reads in a preview of the game. “Now it depends on the Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin family, protect Gotham, bring hope to their citizens, discipline their policemen and fear their criminals. From solving mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the history of the city to defeat the notorious villains in epic clashes, you must become the new dark gentleman and save the streets of the descent to chaos. “

_ Gotham_ cablemen is scheduled to launch on October 25.