In this Tuning Guide to Gran Turismo 7 you will learn:

  • How to unlock the tuning

  • How to get up to new tuning parts
  • What you should pay attention to when tuning

Sony’s new racing game Gran Turismo 7 offers a huge fleet with over 400 different cars , in which you can find everything from the small car to the powerful super sports car.

Since the way to the PS-strong Ferrari and Co. is long, it is recommended – just at the beginning – once to add the startcarts with the help of tuning to continue to celebrate success in the races. We give you some tips on the hand that make it easier for you **.

Gran Turismo 7 Tips & Tricks

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How do I unlock the tuning in Gran Turismo 7?

If you start with Gran Turismo 7 and dares you to the first competitions, then the Tuning Shop is not open. You must first unlock this.

This works like all advanced features over the Café and the menu voyages that keep you with tasks with the bar again and again.

These represent a kind of campaign , so to speak, and give you a red thread, as we have explained in our entry-level tips to Gran Turismo 7.

In order to unlock the tuning shop, you only have to complete the first three menus successfully. For Menu Buch number 3 it is important to win the Mini Cooper S ’65, the Fiat 500 F ’68 and the Volkswagen 1200 ’66 in three races in Europe and add your collection.

Activate new tuning parts

As soon as the Tuning Shop is available, you can equip your favorite cars with new tires, brake pads and Co.. However, all these parts are divided into different categories again and here you have to unlock the best.

Gran Turismo 7 divided the tuning parts into the categories Sport, Club Sports, Semi-Racing, Racing and Extreme , while sport is open from the beginning.

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To select the other riders in the tuning shop, Gran Turismo 7 of you demands that you increase your collector’s level . For every new car that gains you in race, the point box rings here and so the stage increases gradually.

If you arrive at level 7, Gran Turismo 7 grants shopping in the Extreme Category. By the way: Even if Level 7 sounds a lot, you reach them after around three hours of playtime , if you stick to the tasks from the cafe.

There you will always get new menoids, the desire that your fleet is expanded with won riders and so you collect the necessary collector stages in no time.

Tips and tricks for tuning in GT7

Once you have the tuning shop in Gran Turismo 7 on the world map, you can let off steam as your mood – or as far as your credits.

We still give you some Tuning Tips on the hand:

  • Pays attention to the LP value: In general, Gran Turismo 7 gives you a first impression on the basis of the LP evaluation, as efficiently a flitzer is compared to others. The higher the LP number, the better. Therefore, when tuning, it pays attention to how the LP counter is changing, they speak if he rises or sinks. In addition, if the LP value fails only slightly higher despite the expensive upgrade, this is a sign that for example, a different tuning part is missing.

  • Balanced tuning: Some tuning components increase the LP value much stronger than others, but that does not mean that you only install the high-performance things. For example, if you greatly improve the engine power of your bolides, you should be careful to reinforce the brakes, otherwise the car should later turn out to be badly controllable.

  • Weight reduction is a must: In the tuning shop of Gran Turismo 7 you will find a set for weight reduction in your cart in each category. These sets must be installed in order to be effective. Say before your level 4 buys from the racing segment, you should have acquired steps 1 to 3 from the other riders. The weight reduction is therefore one of the must-have components when it starts with tuning, because a lighter car brings his performance better to the street.

  • New tires: The tires have enormous impact on performance and handling of your cars. When a new bolide lands in your garage, it usually has only raised standard tires. Therefore, if possible with the first as possible, the corresponding tires (that is hard, soft, etc.) in the sports category, which already drives the LP value clearly in height and drive the flitzer more comfortable to drive. Like weight reduction, new tires are a must for each tuning tester.

  • The right care: Off the tuning shop is also the menu item “GT Auto” on the world map an important starting point, because there you can optically tune your cars and care with oil change and co. so that they remain powerful. The condition of the oil, etc. have actually affecting the performance within the races in Gran Turismo 7.

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