Earlier this week, a discovery has returned to us all, but especially those who are fans of from software : a Chinese studio called Guiyun Cloud Network , he considered Timely take advantage of Hype’s wave by the new Japanese title to develop a mobile game at full speed that copies many things from Elden Ring.

Eilon Ring: The mobile game that copies to Elden Ring

Fortunately, at the time of writing this article, Mobile game is no longer available in stores , but has existed enough time for players to realize that it is an aberration that takes advantage of Elden’s popularity Ring

The similarities are such as the creation of the character, that the game icon looks a lot like Malenia, as well as it seems to copy many things from the Souls in general. In addition, things were allowed to be borrowed from other popular videogames by adding GOD OF WAR elements in the character’s personalization.

** The summary in iOS presents the game as a role and action title within a dark fantasy world that is very on the Souls line. When reading this, you would surely have thought that we were talking about Elden Ring.

However, as expected, the images presented in the mobile store are not in any way reality: the game is a Pay to Win action title that is not worth it. In fact, I would encourage players to spend money to improve their character and ascend in the classification. Since he retired from circulation, unfortunately we could not play it to give more details, but it seems similar to League of Angels.

It is obvious that Elden Ring’s popularity tempted this development studio, and the latter did not skate on taking different aspects of the game of Software to create deceptive advertising in order to cheat the players and push them to the massive discharge.