Hardly a day goes by without new water level alarm in poker to Erling Haaland Borussia Dortmund. Now BVB coach Marco Rose commented on the speculation.

“I’m in good communication with Erling He feels good when he reads little.” Rose said before the Bundesliga game against Arminia Bielefeld (Sunday, 17:30 am) at a press conference and criticized: “Always be speculated things. “

But Haaland will carry on from it. “He seems focused and really happy that he is pain-free again. That has him actually most concerned,” the BVB coach, who stressed that the Norwegian “very good mood ‘and that a” good mood “did.

Rose also hinted that Haaland could be the BVB the match against Bielefeld available again, “Haaland is back in training and but an option for the weekend, he was already months out he is an option for some use, not for longer… “

The most important statements of BVB PK :

+++ Rose about the early European From +++

“Development is about success. We accept all criticism. If you play half the season without your leading scorer, it can also be tight. We need to think about our development. The steps are thus far too small.”

+++ Rose on Haalands future +++

“I’m in good communication with Erling. He feels good when he reads little. All the time things are speculated. He seems focused and really happy that he is pain-free again. That has him actually employs the most. He’s very good mood, has a good mood. In the end it comes to health, everything else is there first does not matter. “

+++ +++ Rose about Soumaila Coulibaly

“So many central defender we have not. He is of course an option. Difficult yet to meet there now a statement.”

+++ Rose about the fans in the stadium +++

“If you want to play football with dynamic, gives you feedback from outside a push. Viewers are there a good counselor.”

+++ +++ BVB rose over the U19

“This jump in the men’s soccer is incredibly large, so we have the U23. We have outstanding people in the U19. They occur very grown up and are able to play results-based football. We have a few players I from the summer already know. A few guys we will fix take to the squad. in the short term but no talents to be taken away. “

+++ Rose about the mood at BVB +++

“The mood around us is still positive, which is understandable. Our Bundesliga season has so far gone very decent. But we have not been able to light the people and the society, with a special victory or progress. The shoes we need get dressed. identification with the team is our job. we have to try even rauszuholen the maximum. Then we have to position ourselves so that we create identification again and people like to come to the stadium again. I’m talking not only about football but also on the appearance and body language. we have achieved this season too rare. Internally, we work on the things we are mega-critical with each other, which does not always result in good spirits. but we are always positive for the weekend. “

+++ Rose on the Corona location +++

“We were in a phase in which it was whether we should start again. At the moment it is important that we the season decent to end play. Allen have to deal with this pandemic, not only the athletes. I think that we need to get the issue under control. we have a few kilometers to the very different issues. we should play football if it is possible. if not, we should try irrepressible players yet this season. “

+++ +++ BVB rose on the development

Marco Rose confirms everything on table as Erling Haaland decides future.
“The development depends on several factors. One important factor we have not achieved. We have not been able euphoria to rekindle. We do not feel good with the way we performed in the cup competitions. I know a few things to assess. Although football is fast, I know a few things always take time. I think you need two, three transfer periods in order to react to things. Great topic is of course the availability of players. We broke players are able physically and mentally to deliver several games a week. “

+++ +++ Rose on Haaland

“Haaland is back in training and an option for the weekend. But he was already months out. It is an option for some use, not for longer. This also applies to Reyna.”

+++ Rose on the staff situation +++

“Manuel Akanji falls out, he is back in part training, but not yet with the team. The tendency is positive. Raphael Guerreiro and Mats Hummels fall out with Corona. Thomas Meunier falls out, Youssoufa Moukoko has brought a muscle faser, Reus lies sick At home, Tigges has hurt heavier and operates the days. Dan-Axel Zagadou is also missing. The topic of Corona is very big. But we have it decent under control. But that can change every hour. We prepare every hour As if we were playing. We assume that we play. “

+++ Does Marco Rose have to rely on Youngster? +++

Surely no option for head coach Marco Rose are the right-back Thomas Meunier (tendon tear) and Mateeu Morey (construction training after crossband tear). The return of the two other budget center defenders Manuel Akanji, who last farther for calf problems, and Dan-Axel Zagadou, who had drawn up a muscle fiber rupture against Gladbach 6: 0, is still questionable.

Therefore, Rose had recently raised Lennard Maloney from the second team. According to license player Sebastian Kehl is a Bundesliga debut of Soumaila Coulibaly: Although a Bundesliga debut would be a jump again, but he is currently being able to be an option, “he said to the” kicker “.

+++ Returns Haaland back to BVB? +++

In view of numerous injuries, the staff situation at BVB becomes more precarious. On Wednesday, attackers injured Steffen Tigges on the left ankle joint and must be operated. For the striker, the season is terminated prematurely. In Youssoufa Moukoko, another candidate falls out because of a muscle fermentation.

The more likely, the BVB therefore wishes a comeback from Superstar Erling Haaland, which could at least contrain during the week. Whether he can play against Bielefeld is unclear according to “Ruhr news”.

+++ Reus apparently also infected with corona +++

Borussia Dortmund plagues always larger personal care: Apparently, BVB captain Marco Reus has become infected with the Corona virus. He would be to Mats Hummels and Raphael Guerreiro of the third professional, which is lacking in the game against Arminia Bielefeld.

However, an official confirmation of the BVB is so far. On Wednesday, Reus had missed the team training, the reason was not clear at first.