Discord is a priceless program for gamers, friends, communities and even companies. This allows you to instantly communicate with messages, images and voice chat. But when Discord does not work, it may be incredibly unpleasant. So what you can do when Discord does not work.

The first thing you need to do is Check if the service works for other people. You can check the website, such as a downtender to see if Discord works or has a more general error.

Next, you should contact the official discord Twitter account to see if there are any messages about failures in the work. If a temporary shutdown occurs, the Discord command usually reports it on Twitter.

If this is not a general error, and the more specific problem you have encountered, you can perform a series of troubleshooting actions. First, you must make sure that Discord is not blocked by any firewalls or security programs on your computer. If necessary, make an exception in Windows Firewall to make sure that Discord works. And make sure the exception works in all types of networks, both publicly available and private.

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You will also want to make sure that your Internet provider has no common network problems. Check if other Internet services work. If not, it may be a problem with your own network, and not with Discord.

If you still have problems, it is possible to reinstall the Discord better. The program is automatically updated, but sometimes, if you do not restart the program, you can skip an important update. Reinstalling or updating Discord can often solve any problems.

Alternatively, if you use a version of the program for a browser or a mobile application, switching to a desktop computer or laptop instead can often solve the problem. The autonomous desktop application is much more stable than the browser and mobile version.

If you have completed all these steps, but you still have problems, visit the official site of Discord. Website support. They have a lot of more specific troubleshooting scripts that will help you launch Discord.

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