The developers of CrossFirex work with high pressure to the completion of the first major update for the game. Now Executive Producer Sooro Boo has released more information about crossfirex update.

“We have fixed about 80 bugs. All important bugs that have been eliminated will be listed in the upcoming patch notes that will be found on our website when the update is published. “

“We optimized the resolution of the map Black Widow for the Xbox One X and S devices.”

You have announced that you work in the following improvements:

  • Improvement of controller sensitivity
  • More options for adjusting the control
  • Improvement of target assistance
  • Improving daily missions
  • Boogieman compensation – acquisition costs significantly increased
  • Improving the Respawn of GR Towers
  • Improvements to the melee-hitbox of Spectre
  • Improvements in ammunition in nano mode

Crossfire X : Она еще жива? Что там происходит и дата РЕЛИЗА!
* Improvement of the black widow’s resption
* Improving user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)
* Improvement of the lobby and the UX in the game
* Comparison of weapon statistics

In addition, the team works on new content:

  • Maps: Two new cards have been added – “Invasion” (SPECTRE mode) and “submarine” (pure melee card)
  • Weapons: New weapons and sound absorber parts have been added
  • Event: A new event battle pass has been added, with which you can earn free GP and CFP. This will be made available to all players automatically.

The developers also assure that you will work on other crossfirex updates and new content:

“While this update focuses on improving the general user experience, we have also recognized that our players also ask for new TDM and Search & Destroy cards. We could not record them in this update, but we are currently working on 2-3 new cards and will soon be able to tell you when you can expect them. “

“Thank you for your feedback, your patience and your support for crossfirex! We will continue to develop CFX with content updates and balance adjustments. We hope you like our first big update and look forward to your opinion. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback on our social channels. “